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Informer 5.1.2 Release Provides Unparalleled Querying Efficiency for Dataset Management

Raleigh, NC – February 4th, 2020 – Entrinsik, Inc. (, the leader in intuitive business intelligence, today announced the general availability of 5.1.2 to the Informer platform which unlocks a bundling module that will foster better sharing and accelerate the spread of best practices for data throughout the organization. By eliminating the requirement for complex IT support and expertise, Informer users with proper credentials can now quickly and easily share Reports, Datasources, Jobs, Users and Teams with colleagues or partners.

5.1.2 brings bundling to the Informer platform for quick import and export of any or all components from the Informer system. The release also provides new improvements for better data visualization, management and security.

“Over the past decade, we have built an incredible foundation as a leading business intelligence solution, connecting thousands of people with insights from their data to make informed decisions that solve business problems. Working with our customers we were able to transform how they scale their business, allowing data driven decisions to reach more people, while maintaining an intuitive experience for our users,” said Doug Leupen, Founder and CEO of Entrinsik. “Promoting collaboration through bundling will accelerate the pace of adoption and lead to better outcomes for our customers.”

Making Data Insights Sharable

As organizations look to become more data driven, they are stymied when it comes to scaling to new departments, as installation, implementation and replication of new instances can be labor and time intensive. The new bundling feature with Informer addresses this issue by providing users a consistent, easy way to share instances. A replication that used to take days can now be completed in minutes.

Easy Deployment Across Multi-Tenancy

One of the greatest assets of Informer bundling is the ability to quickly and easily update multiple contexts of a single multi-tenant Informer environment. Partners can disseminate gold standard content or share best practices from individual Users to the entire ecosystem, providing continuous improvement for all.

Query Large Datasets Without All the Latency

Outside of Informer, queries can take hours or even days to process millions or billions of records, but using Informer Datasets allows organizations to curate the exact desired data with its respective governance rules, work flows, and calculations, which are indexed into Elasticsearch for quick sorting and filtering. With the options of Append and Upsert, Informer will only add the new and updated records. This is particularly useful for larger organizations needing near real-time Reports on millions of transactions. A user can set Informer to refresh a Dataset periodically throughout the day and only add new or modify changed records. The new options present as follows:

  • Replace – remove all records and replace them with the new query results.
  • Append – add new records.
  • Upsert – add new records, update existing records while never removing old records.

Additional new features and capabilities from Informer 5.1.2 include:

  • User Defined Fields – Providing a flexible data sharing design that allows you to show different data sets to different sets of Users. Managers can now create a master Report, with individuals only seeing the data that is relevant to their role.
  • Private Filters – When you work with filters saved to a private folder, you can run Reports with confidence. No one else has access to the filters, so you’re the only one responsible for changes.
  • SQL Savelists – Enable Savelists for customers that moved from U2 to SQL.

Other features and improvements, including enhancements to Pivot Tables, and the ability to apply selection criteria to normalized values and bug fixes across the system can be found in the release notes on the Informer Help Center.

About Entrinsik

Entrinsik develops, implements, and supports software solutions that enable organizations to maximize performance and improve bottom lines. For six consecutive years, Entrinsik has been selected as a member of the DBTA 100, highlighting the 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data. Entrinsik Informer is an innovative, award-winning agile reporting and business intelligence solution used by tens of thousands around the world. Entrinsik Enrole drives many of the nation’s largest continuing education organizations. Over 1000 organizations around the world use Entrinsik’s software every day. For a demonstration or a free trial, call 888-703-0016 or email Visit

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Entrinsik Expands Functionality of its BI Platform with the Release of Informer 5.1

Raleigh, NC – September 25th, 2019 – Entrinsik, Inc. ( announced the release of Informer 5.1.

New features include Multi-tenancy, Mapping Suites, and business workflow enhancements

The new version introduces new features and dozens of productivity enhancements to the reporting and data analytics software platform used by thousands of business users around the world.

This latest release of Informer introduces a new multi-tenancy architecture that enables VARS and ISVs who develop and deploy software to quickly serve multiple customers using a single instance of Informer. Companies can now run one instance of Informer on one database and provide web-based access to their clients, with each client’s data isolated and invisible to other clients.

By supporting multi-tenancy, software vendors and their clients can be hosted separately and securely on shared server infrastructure with the client-facing view featuring the vendor’s branding. Multitenancy significantly eases the maintenance and administration of these deployments and optimizes resource usage.

“Informer can provide an additional revenue stream opportunity for companies who have an existing client base by seamlessly delivering more robust reporting and data analysis capabilities as part of their service offering,” said Sharon Shelton, VP Marketing at Entrinsik. “By partnering with Entrinsik, software vendors can instantly deliver more value under their brand.”

It is a particularly compelling model for businesses that may not choose to spend their IT resources on developing more advanced data analysis capabilities in-house and then managing ongoing upgrades on their own.

Informer 5.1 betas have been tested in the field for quite some time. “Multi-tenancy has been huge. Informer is quickly becoming our custom reporting toolkit, where our clients will be able to envision whatever reports they want, from whatever datasets they want and then create audit-ready reports and visuals,” says Wendy Gustafson, Full Sail Partners (

Informer 5.1 also includes the Mapping Suites feature which greatly simplifies reporting from databases with partition schema layouts found across various sectors, including the Education space. A Mapping Suite is a set of related tables in the database that is segregated by a common attribute, typically with base tables that define the columns for the common attribute. For example, general ledger summary tables and detail tables may be separated into multiple tables for each fiscal year, with a base table that defines the columns for each of the year-specific tables. Using Mapping Suites, Informer Reports can be created using the base tables, and the appropriate year is specified at runtime, eliminating the need to have mappings and Reports for each year table.

Mapping Suites can be used in any schema that has partitions. It can also be used to combine snapshots of data and report from the snapshots. Organizations can now combine snapshots in one Informer Report and segment them out based on partition, e.g., year, department, division, practically anything. These snapshots often already exist for organizations and Informer radically simplifies this type of multi-dimensional reporting.

Entrinsik is offering two webinars demonstrating the newest release of Informer 5.1 with live Q/A:

Introducing Informer 5.1 – More Speed, Collaboration, Value

TUE, OCT 1, 2019 | 2:00 PM – 02:30 PM EDT

Introducing Multi-tenancy in Informer 5.1

WED, OCT 23, 2019 | 2:00 PM – 02:30 PM EDT

For more information about Entrinsik’s Partner Program, visit or call 888-703-0016.

About Entrinsik

For over 30 years, Entrinsik has offered innovative, award-winning information management solutions built on modern technologies designed to help organizations streamline operations, cut costs, and grow revenue. For six consecutive years, Entrinsik has been selected as a member of the DBTA 100, highlighting the 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data. Entrinsik was also named a “Top Performer” for business intelligence tools in the 2019 Winter Customer Success Report published by Entrinsik software receives consistently high rankings on 3rd party software review sites. To find out more visit

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Entrinsik Named to DBTA’s 100 Most Important Companies in Data for 7th Year

Raleigh, NC – June 12, 2019 – Entrinsik, Inc. (, developer of Informer and Enrole software, has been chosen for the seventh year in a row for inclusion in a special Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) publication that lists the most important companies in data management today.

The DBTA 100 recognizes companies based on their presence, execution, vision, and innovation in delivering products and services to the marketplace. The DBTA 100 is compiled annually by the editorial staff at Database Trends and Applications and Entrinsik is highlighted in the June edition of Database Trends and Applications magazine.

Entrinsik’s Informer 5 is one of the most highly rated business intelligence data analytics platforms on the market. The web-based solution functions as a data hub whereby customers can consolidate, cleanse and blend data from multiple disparate sources for self-service reporting. Informer delivers ease of use, flexibility, data exploration, real-time reporting, collaboration, and governance to organizations looking to create data-driven decision-making environments. Entrinsik’s solutions improve efficiency, productivity, and streamline daily operations. Entrinsik’s industry experts offer personalized, on-site, in-depth training to get teams up and running quickly.

Entrinsik’s Enrole is designed for continuing and professional education, workforce development, lifelong learning programs, community outreach, conferences and seminars, children’s programs, and certificate programs. Enrole is a feature-rich platform for registration, course management, e-commerce and reporting, and functions in a securely hosted, web-based environment.

As a member of the DBTA 100, Entrinsik is recognized for being an important player in the data management field, an area that has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Companies were selected based on their presence, execution, vision and innovation in delivering products and/or services that meet the needs of the marketplace.

This year’s selections can be viewed here.

“We are honored again to be recognized for Entrinsik’s dedication to creating innovative solutions that enable users to easily conduct analysis to glean new insights for better decision-making from a wide array of data sources. Informer 5 is the result of decades of client feedback, leveraging innovative technology, and out-of-the-box thinking that we pride ourselves on every day,” said Doug Leupen, CEO at Entrinsik.

For a demonstration or a free trial, call 888-703-0016 or email Visit

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Entrinsik Informer 5 Named to TrustRadius Education Software Honor Roll

Raleigh, NC – May 8th, 2019 – Entrinsik, Inc. (, developer of Informer 5, an award-winning and innovative data analysis and reporting solution, has recently been selected by TrustRadius to the Education Software Honor Roll which recognizes the top 10 most reviewed software products by education industry professionals. These products support people working in the education sector and range from, for example, education-specific learning management systems (LMS) to cross-industry solutions like data analysis and reporting.

Informer recognized in the top 10 most reviewed products by education industry professionals.

The criteria TrustRadius used to award Honor Roll status was based on the highest number of published reviews by education industry professionals from within the Primary and Secondary Education, Higher Education, Education Management, or E-Learning industries.

According to Michael Harlow, Systems Specialist at College of the Desert who was quoted in the Honor Roll report, “The scheduling functionality [of Informer] allows different departments and users to plan ahead for their needs and either export or email the results. Scheduled reports comes in very handy when you need to export the data to third party companies or to a network location for batch processing. This allows us to provide current data with much more frequency.”

Through its research in producing the Honor Roll, TrustRadius learned that Informer is used in many departments within colleges and universities, including administrative and finance. Because of Informer’s ease of use coupled with its ability to pull in data from many different datasources while providing centralized data governance that addresses security concerns, schools consider Informer to be an ideal self-service analysis and reporting tool.

“Entrinsik is proud to be recognized as being the top business intelligence software product reviewed by education professionals. Colleges and universities have huge databases and many different departments which need up-to-the minute reporting for their academic leaders to have the insights they need to make the best business decisions. Informer provides the ability and affordability for schools to not only consolidate all these different datasources but provide the ease of use with self-service data analysis and reporting for their entire staff.” Doug Leupen, President and CEO at Entrinsik, Inc.

Read the full report at,

About Entrinsik

For over 30 years, Entrinsik has offered innovative, award-winning information management solutions built on modern technologies designed to help organizations streamline operations, cut costs and grow revenue. For six consecutive years, Entrinsik has been selected as a member of the DBTA 100 highlighting the 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data. Entrinsik was also named a “Top Performer” for business intelligence tools in the 2019 Winter Customer Success Report published by Entrinsik software receives consistently high rankings on 3rd party software review sites. To find out more visit

About TrustRadius

TrustRadius is the most trusted review site for business technology, serving both buyers and vendors. Every reviewer on TrustRadius is authenticated and every review vetted by its Research Team before publication. For more information, visit the review site at and learn about the vendor platform at

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Entrinsik Enrole v8.1.2 Upgrade Announcement

Raleigh, NC – April 2019 Entrinsik ( recently announced the release of the newest version of its Enrole software, a complete registration and course management platform.

Enrole v8.1.2 includes maintenance updates, new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Current Enrole customers are upgraded automatically through the cloud-based system. Official release notes and feature lists can be viewed through the Enrole Knowledge Center (must be an active Enrole customer to view).

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Entrinsik Informer Named Top Performer in Winter 2019 Business Intelligence Software Customer Success Report

Raleigh, NC - February 18, 2019 - Entrinsik Informer (, has been named a Top Performer in the Business Intelligence Software category for the Winter 2019 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers. FeaturedCustomers is the leading customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software & services helping potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor validated customer success content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos.

FeaturedCustomers evaluated all the potential Business Intelligence Software companies on its platform for possible inclusion in the report. Only 34 companies meet the criteria needed for being included in the Winter 2019 Business Intelligence Software Customer Success Report. Entrinsik Informer received an overall score of 93 earning a Top Performer award in the category.

The Customer Success Report is based on the curation of authenticated case studies, testimonials, and reviews from across the web, telling a complete story of vendors in the Business Intelligence Software space through real customer experiences. Scores are determined by multiple factors including number of total reviews, customer success content, social media presence, and vendor momentum based on web traffic and search trends.

The Top Performer designation is awarded to vendors with significant market presence and enough customer success content to validate their vision. Highly rated by customers, Entrinsik Informer consistently publishes high quality vendor produced customer success content and curate’s quality customer reviews from multiple third-party sites.

The full report, along with Entrinsik Informer’s profile, which includes detailed product scorecards is available for you to download here:

"This marks the 2nd year FeaturedCustomers’ Customer Success Report has focused on business intelligence tools and the 2nd year Entrinsik has been recognized for Informer’s market-leading business intelligence solution and dedication to delivering the highest-level in customer support,says Doug Leupen, President and CEO at Entrinsik.

About Entrinsik Informer:

Entrinsik Informer 5 is a robust, extensible data discovery and analytics platform that simplifies the process of accessing, cleansing, blending, and analyzing on-prem and cloud data. Based on a single web-based platform, Informer 5 makes it easy for organizations to aggregate disparate data to create a cohesive, curated, governed data hub for self-service data analysis. Because of its open-source API-based architecture, Informer easily integrates with various CRM, ERP and enterprise systems within various industries including Higher Education, Insurance, Manufacturing & Distribution, Healthcare, Public Safety, Not-for-Profit, Government, and many others.

About FeaturedCustomers:

FeaturedCustomers, the world’s only customer reference platform for B2B business software & services, helps potential B2B buyers research and discover business software & services through vendor validated customer reference content such as customer testimonials, success stories, case studies, and customer videos. Every day their platform helps influence the purchasing decisions of thousands of B2B buyers in the final stages of their buying cycle from Fortune 500 companies to SMB’s. For more information, visit their website.

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