We host webinars on a variety of topics, from standard product demonstrations and introductions to detailed customer-driven presentations by Informer users. Register for an upcoming webinar or watch a recorded session to see Informer in action.

Recorded Webinar: Turn SugarCRM into a Data Discovery Platform

Entrinsik Informer connects to SugarCRM and other sources of data, allowing users to create ad-hoc reports, perform data analysis, and visualize their data in dashboards. With a built-in security framework and intuitive user interface, Sugar users can create cross-module reports...
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Recorded Webinar: DEMO: Informer 4 Dashboards

This webinar demonstrates Informer 4 Dashboards. Dashboards gives you the ability to perform ad-hoc data analysis with easy-to-use, interactive visualizations. Customize, drill down, dynamically group & sort, export & embed, all in real time, all on one screen. Demonstration will be...
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