Data Driven Decisions from RamQuest, Resware, Qualia, and SoftPro

Businesses in the title insurance industry require effective solutions that enable users across the organization to access up-to-date, accurate information to make key business decisions, all without sacrificing their budget. Informer delivers a total reporting solution enabling your organization to collect and analyze important data from title production systems and other data sources. Experience intuitive, easy to use business analytics and interactive dashboards readily available for all types of users.
Designed for the Business User

Customize and distribute reports and dashboards quickly without IT involvement.

Task Automation

Streamline processes and save time by scheduling reports and distribution.

Implemented in Hours

Receive value rapidly via quick implementation with RamQuest, Resware, Qualia, and SoftPro.

Key Insight Development

Analyze title data by location, product type, date range, sales totals by rep., and any other relevant factors you choose.

Complete Departmental Data Picture

Report across title production, accounting, and CRM systems in one view while generating data for underwriter remittance and state statistical reporting.

Unlimited Data Access

All title production data is exposed through pre-built or custom templates for real time editing and Ad hoc report creation.

Mapped Fields

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  • Jonathan Holfinger
    The creation of visualizations improved our employees’ understanding of the data and helped to create actionable change.
    Jonathan HolfingerPresident Northwest Title