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Businesses in the title insurance industry require effective tools that enable users across the organization to access up-to-date, accurate information in order to make key business decisions every day, and all without sacrificing their budget.

Informer by Entrinsik delivers a total reporting solution enabling your organization to collect and analyze important data from title production systems and other data sources. Experience intuitive, easy to use business analytics and interactive dashboards readily available for all types of users, from processors to team leads and executives.

Informer Report Visuals


With Informer you can create Datasets required for specific business functions to create one version of the truth, making it easier to focus on meaningful data without the need to search through thousands or millions of rows located in multiple data sources across the organization. Make and evaluate business decisions with confidence.


Analyze data on location, product type, date range, sales totals by rep., and more.


Report across title production, accounting, and CRM systems in one view.


Customize reports and dashboards quickly and without assistance from IT.


Utilize dashboards to analyze order trending and turn-around times.


Automate scheduled reports and distribution.


Generate data for underwriter remittance and state statistical reporting.


Utilize reporting writing services with knowledgeable staff.

Numerous man hours were eliminated by the utilization of the software in terms of closings and revenue. We now know exactly what we are opening and what revenues our ancillary companies (tax and e-Recording) are generating as well on a daily auto-generated report.
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