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Partner with Informer to provide purposeful, self-service AI and data analytics with seamless integration

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An extensible Plugin Architecture and a modern stack. Informer provides an exceptional and personalized user experience for your customers and developers alike.

Choose your integration path with options from inline content to external, connected but separate full applications. All entirely customizable and white-labelled providing critical insights without sacrificing your brand identity.

Partnering With Entrinsik

Your applications provide value by managing the task at hand - Informer is all about that and then gathering data, analyzing it, and distributing it efficiently. Offer Embedded AI and Data Analytics in your product.

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Embed and white-label Informer in part or in whole as your own Data Analytics platform. Use Informer’s Plugin Architecture to integrate into your core application.


Extend your current product offering with a modern Reporting and Data Analytics tool tailored to your clients. We work with you to prepare go-to-market strategies, co-marketing efforts, and sales training.


Promote Informer to your client base while the Informer Team maintains first level sales and technical support. Referral Partnerships provide a great foundation for potential resellers.


International Distributors around the globe offer Informer to their clients and we’re always interested in expanding reach. Contact Us if you are interested in a Distributor Partnership.

What Our Partners Say

I would absolutely recommend Informer 5 to other users and companies regardless of the industry. I definitely think there is value, it's user friendly, it's intuitive... a little training goes a very long way... Combining your data makes a lot of sense and that can often be very challenging [otherwise].

Megan Buchanan

Prism HR

Entrinsik’s focus on specific markets and its partner ecosystem makes the offering attractive because of documented previous successes and a high-quality customer experience during the sales process. The company is especially good at supporting customers from first contact until they reach their business goals.

Dr. Christian Fuchs

Entrinsik has been great to partner with on our new reporting platform! Their Informer command-line tool has significantly increased our ability to scale our reporting solution and meet the deployment needs of our customers. Not only is the tool easy to use, it’s also extensible. So, if there is a feature you want to add to the tool you can always write the code to do it yourself!

Nick Cugini

Prism HR

If you have a lot of information and want to be able to summarize perhaps graphically and still allow drill down this is great. Users are able to create reports for distribution where the consumers of those reports can add their own columns (or delete ones they do not need) without being able to change the core report itself. This saves hours of repeatedly writing specific reports for users who only want some columns changing. Integration to our own software platform for security purposes has allowed us to have multi-level data security applied automatically.

Stuart Shepherd

APT Solutions Limited

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