Informer for Educational Institutions


Hundreds of colleges and universities use Informer to make data-driven decisions based on real-time information.

Informer can provide institutions with a clear understanding of student progress, budget performance, planning and forecasting, general ledger, procurement to payment, receivables, capital projects, fixed assets, alumni engagement and more.

Curate relevant data from multiple sources to create governed datasets within Informer to provide a unified view of trusted data for self-service data exploration and analysis.

Entrinsik Informer for Higher Education BI dashboard

With Informer, you can empower administrators, academic faculty, and support staff to do their own reporting and dashboarding; then collaborate with each other to improve productivity and make data-driven decisions. Analyze student enrollment, achievement and demographics. Develop alumni relations. Informer can unlock the value of your data to improve learning, fundraising, planning, research and more.


Simplify data preparation, cleansing and governance.


Streamline administrative processes and financial management.


Access data,  create views, share insights and collaborate.


Improve enrollment strategies with trend analysis.


Enhance retention/ enrollment tracking and analysis.

Awesome! There are so many bells and whistles in Informer 5 I feel like a guy who has been driving a Ferrari for months and just realized it has heated seats!
Peter Cross Saint Michael's College
Informer is currently our reporting solution of choice to the near exclusion of any other tools, thus helping us reduce licensing costs and user training issues... we see Informer as being the primary front-end for reporting as it can access data across both relational and MultiValue databases.
Douglas Hedges Atlantic Cape Community College

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