Easily Create Custom Reports from Colleague, Banner, and CAMS

Thousands of users at hundreds of colleges and universities use Informer to make data-driven decisions based on real-time information. Informer provides users with a clear understanding of student progress, budget performance, planning and forecasting, general ledger, procurement to payment, receivables, capital projects, fixed assets, alumni engagement, and more. Curate relevant data from multiple sources to create governed datasets within Informer that provide a unified view of trusted data for self-service data exploration and analysis.
Enhance Retention and Enrollment

Analyze student enrollment, achievement, and demographics to develop strategies.

Collaborate for Data-Driven Decisions

Collaborate and share insights between staff to improve productivity and make data-driven decisions.

Designed for the Everyday User

Empower administrators, academic faculty, and support staff to do their own reporting and dashboarding through streamlined processes.

Secure Platform for Sensitive Data

Organizational governance policies are incorporated at the data, content, and functional levels, and data access can be filtered by log-in permissions.

Unlimited Data Access

Simplify the process of accessing, cleansing, blending, and analyzing data from multiple disparate sources.

Flexible Implementation

Receive value from your data rapidly via Cloud or on-premises solutions.

Mapped Fields

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  • We have expanded access in a controlled and secured fashion. It was relatively simple to give people access to get the data they needed.
    Medical University of South Carolina