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Registration & Course
Management for
Continuing Education

Easy to use
Easy to implement
Easy for everyone

Focus on data-driven results to increase revenue and enrollments and stop battling with clunky, incompatible software.

An intuitive staff interface to easily navigate and create course offerings, as well as a quick and simplified student self-enrollment experience.

The Enrole team provides a structured onboarding plan including our best practices for a smooth implementation and swift “go live.”

100% Customer Satisfaction

As our valued client partner we give unlimited customer service, so you are always supported at no additional cost.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what they’re saying.

Scalable, Flexible,
Dynamic Design

Using Enrole ensures your entire organization can quickly adopt the new software.

We don’t make anything over complicated, so by keeping Enrole simple to use and easy to understand we give you many trusted reasons to explore all our features and functionality. Our aim is to save you time and money so your staff will be giving more energy to quality customer service and less effort doing the monotonous things over and over again.

Enrole Benefits Businesses Who Offer:

Continuing Education

Small Business Development, OLLI, Online Learning, Leadership, Staff Training, Personal Enrichment

Professional Development

Business & Workplace, CEU Workshops, Testing, Refresher Courses, Online Self-Paced

Workforce Development

Lean Six Sigma, Digital Marketing, Law Enforcement, Fire, Boot Camps, Agile Project Management, CPR

Lifelong Learning

Memberships, Donations, Free Classes, Day Trips, Special Events, Health & Wellness, Lecture Series

Community Outreach

Fitness, Swimming, Personal Interest, Second Languages, Beverage Appreciation, Cooking, Writing

Custom Training

Contract Training, Customized Training, Single & Multi-Day Trainings for Business Partners

Kids Camps & Youth Programs

Early Childhood Dev, Dance & Art Camps, STEM & Coding Camps, Summer & Teen Programs, SAT Prep

Certificate Programs

CompTIA, Web Development, Human Resources, Brewing, Paralegal, Coding Bootcamps

Our Clients Are Our Biggest Advocates

Non Credit Registration
Is What We Do

Enrole staff have over 150 years combined experience working in and programming for Continuing Education, so we understand our client’s pain points.

  • Daniel Hocutt
    University of Richmond

    We would recommend Entrinsik because they have adapted to our business needs. And since no one does business the same way, potential customers should make sure Enrole is the right fit for their organization. Entrinsik’s commitment to developing future features is evident.

  • Deb Hoyer-Denson
    Kankakee Community College

    We are still praising our amazing new software to everyone!!! It has changed our way of business. Our IT staff says we are the happiest department that they have ever worked with for a software conversion. Offering early bird discounts increased early registrations. (It’s amazing how saving $10 motivates people.) We actually knew there were enough registrations for our CEU seminars two-four weeks before the seminars were scheduled.

  • Christie Anderson
    University of Southern Maine

    During our original implementation of Enrole we were in a time crunch, within 3 weeks we were trained and had completed implementation.

    We have found Enrole user friendly for both ourselves and our customers.

    The staff at Entrinsik are perhaps their greatest asset. They are knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions.

  • Stephen Newcombe
    Central Oregon Community College

    Before, we had about 29% of our registration that was done online. So far with Enrole, just in a little over a month, we’ve already increased our online registration to 50%.

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