API and Plugins

Embrace Extensibility


Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications, streamline Informer workflows, and unlock the full potential of Informer through our sophisticated API and Plugin architecture. Elevate your platform with unparalleled customization options, including SSO, seamless embedding, aesthetic transformations, and the addition of bespoke visuals, among others, to foster innovation and enhance user engagement.

Unlock the full potential of your data

Seamlessly integrate Informer's analytics and reporting capabilities into your existing applications and workflows. Our secure, RESTful API allows developers to automate tasks, extend functionality, and create custom solutions that communicate directly with Informer.

The Informer UI itself is a client of the Informer API - meaning anything a user can do in Informer can also be accomplished via the API.  Fetching Reports, managing Datasets, triggering Jobs, conversing with AI Assistants, you name it, are all available to you as an API developer.

Customize your user experience

Designed to augment the otherwise standard Informer environment,  our Plugin Architecture allows you to extend the core capabilities of Informer to fit the specific reporting needs of your organization.

Developers author plugins to enable Single Sign-On and other Authentication strategies, Row-Level Security based on your internal data security model, domain or application aware workflows, etc. Plugins are your opportunity to make Informer aware of the environment it is reporting against, and to take advantage of that knowledge.

Embed it directly

Bring the power of reporting and AI assistants directly into your application with Informer's user-friendly embedding tools. Create a seamless experience for your users by integrating these features right where they need them, complete with Single Sign-On (SSO) for effortless access.

Our tools are designed to easily sync with your existing roles and teams, ensuring a smooth and secure user journey. Choose from our handy component library for a tailored fit or go for the simplicity of an iframe. With Informer, enhancing your application with advanced, interactive elements has never been easier.

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