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Manufacturing companies are flooded with data, but most don’t tap into all available data to drive efficiency and maximize revenue opportunities. Access to the right data where and when you need it is critical to improve production.

Manufacturing involves automating supply chains, organizing delivery timelines, and insuring quality control.

With Informer’s data discovery and analytics platform, manufacturers meet these critical challenges with real-time queries, KPIs, advanced analysis, and geospatial visualizations.


With Informer, manufacturers can track and monitor every aspect of production from one integrated platform that is both intuitive and enterprise-ready. React to issues, identify trends, and respond to changing conditions quickly and efficiently.


Track and monitor factory-wide performance in real-time.


Compare output across multiple time frames on one screen.


Understand root causes of quality and downtime issues.


Securely deliver self-service capabilities for on demand analysis.

The possibilities are endless in terms of how data can be combined and sorted. There’s not much you can do with a printed report. Now users can run analytics and create their own charts based on their specific needs.
Craig Babigian PrismHR

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