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Reporting and Data Visualization for Manufacturing and Distribution

Improve Data Management and Business Transparency

Respond to Changing Conditions Quickly and Efficiently 

Manufacturing and Distribution involve automating supply chains, organizing delivery timelines, and ensuring quality control. With Informer, these critical challenges are met through real-time queries, KPIs, advanced analysis, and geospatial visualizations. Informer delivers a new level of agility and ease of use. Identify growth opportunities for your business by analyzing sales activity, channel performance, geographies, and markets. Optimize inventory investments and monitor the performance of procurement and suppliers, all using real-time data from one integrated platform.

Unlock the Value of Your
Manufacturing and Distribution Data 

Performance Tracking with Dashboards

Monitor companywide performance, sales activity, suppliers, inventory, shipping, and logistics in real-time while understanding causes of quality and downtime issues. 

Easy Data Accessibility

Users across the business can create and customize their own reports without technical expertise while gaining greater visibility into operational performance. 

Secure Platform for Sensitive Data

Organizational governance policies are incorporated at the data, content, and functional levels, and data access can be filtered by log-in permissions. 

Forecasting and KPI Improvement

Forecast customer demand while improving account and resource management and product planning.

Connectivity to Any Data Source

Connect to data stored in a variety of systems while reporting from multiple sources in one report.

Flexible Implementation

Receive value from your data rapidly via Cloud or on-premises solutions.

Companies Trust Informer

When you purchase Informer, you receive a solution. Let us help you get up and running with customized reports and Dashboards. We make it easy for you to get the insights you need from your data and are there for you every step along the way.




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  • Jesse Owsley
    IT Project Manager
    SMC Electric Supply

    The security in Informer is very granular and it’s been great to be able to control access to everything down to the row level. We know exactly who has access to what data. I can send out or embed a dashboard for others to see but control at an admin level who can see and drill down into the data behind it.

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