Bring AI to Your Organization

You’ve long trusted Informer to help you access your data. Now with Informer AI Assistants, you can harness the power and flexibility of AI and apply it in the workplace — transforming the information you need to make critical decisions more effectively.

Easy to Create

With just a few clicks, you can bring the power of AI to your organization. No need for deep technical knowledge—simply add your PDFs, documents, Datasets, and instructions, and your assistant is ready to go. It's designed for experts and novices alike, making it a lightweight yet powerful tool for your organization.

Easy to Use App

Easy to Use

Our Informer AI Assistants are designed for simplicity, offering a familiar chat interface that allows you to quickly leverage AI, whether you're on the go or at your desk. Effortlessly accessible through mobile, web browsers, and the command line, sharing insights and collaborating has never been easier.

Easy to Share

Roll out AI Assistants to all your departments. Take advantage of the data access rules Informer offers to safely open up this feature so your team can creatively use Assistants their own way. There are so many possibilities, and no limit to the number of assistants you can make.

Informer Assistants Across Your Organization

Real Life Examples

From private endeavors to team-based projects, and even publicly shared collaborations, AI Assistants offer an array of possibilities. With their flexibility, you can adapt each one to suit your needs. Explore our diverse range of use cases below to spark creativity and discover how AI Assistants can transform your projects.

Example 1: Student Assistants

  • Students - loaded up with each student's schedule, transcript, credits towards major, financial aid status, academic calendar, and student handbook. The author of this AI Assistant built a Dataset with all students information, and set access restriction by Student ID.
  • Prospective Students - loaded up with documents about campus life, eligibility for aid, orientation details, and instructions for how to apply. The AI Assistant author here simply uploaded all the PDFs and Word documents containing this information, and the chat immediately answered questions about it. Then they copied embed code from Informer and pasted it into their website
  • Instructors - Professors can make and share their own AI Assistant for their class. Loaded up with the syllabus, homework assignments, study guides, and instructions for tutoring.

Example 2: Executive Assistants

  • Business Health - Configure and track corporate KPIs. Access real time financial data and analytics from your phone. Interact directly with the assistant to dig into details.
  • Budgeting - Armed with previous years' financials and CRM data, a budgeting assistant can help build a financial plan to translate goals into reality
  • Strategic Decision Support - Leverage AI-driven market insights and competitive analysis to support strategic planning. The assistant synthesizes complex Informer Datasets to provide recommendations for market positioning and growth opportunities.

Example 3: Customer Assistants

  • Customized Interactions - Use AI to sift through customer data, tailoring communication and offers to meet each customer's unique needs and preferences. This approach helps boost customer happiness and loyalty.
  • Improving Sales - Give sales teams tools to better understand what customers are looking for, recognize sales patterns, and spot opportunities. This allows them to focus on the most promising leads, making the sales process more efficient and productive.
  • Round-the-Clock Support - Provide continuous customer support using automated chat and virtual assistants. These systems can quickly handle common questions and issues, only bringing in human support when necessary. This setup helps cut down on wait times and boosts overall customer satisfaction.

A Natural Fit

Think of all the different ways you can share, embed, and integrate Assistants into your organization.
  • Deploy mobile assistants to your users. Access important information on-the-go with a single tap.
    Easily connect with data and tasks from anywhere, anytime. Mobile assistants enhance productivity by ensuring vital information is always at your fingertips, simplifying workflows and decision-making on the move.
  • Customize the name, look, and tone of your assistants.
    Design your AI assistants to align with your brand's image and voice, making them a seamless part of your team. Personalize how they interact with users to ensure a consistent and engaging experience that reflects your company's values and approach.
  • Connect your assistants to live structured data, API services, and unstructured documents.
    Enable your assistants to access and analyze a wealth of information, from real-time data feeds to complex documents. This connectivity allows them to provide timely, informed responses and insights, making them an invaluable resource for decision-making and customer interaction.
  • Leverage your investment in the security that support's Informer's data platform.
    Benefit from the robust security measures built into Informer's platform, ensuring that your data—and your customers' data—is protected according to the highest standards. Our commitment to security means you can trust your AI assistants with sensitive information, giving you peace of mind.
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Secure AI

Our white paper on AI Data Security with Informer Assistants emphasizes a collaborative framework between Informer and OpenAI, ensuring user data security and privacy through a three-tiered Data Governance approach. It details functional, content, and data level security measures, alongside OpenAI's comprehensive data protection practices, including encryption, access control, and regular security audits. Through a secure conversation process, users engage with Assistants, benefiting from Informer's stringent data handling protocols and OpenAI's advanced security measures. This ensures a safe, private, and efficient interaction, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of user data.

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  • Our President refers to Informer and its capabilities as a ‘game changer’. Clear accurate numbers are generated by this report and it allows our President (and others) to drill down on specific student populations.
  • Informer has not only helped us address our reporting needs, but we’ve started to realize additional bandwidth within our department because we are spending less time creating and recreating reports and more time on other business needs.
  • Informer gives users at Ruhl & Ruhl choices on how they want to assemble, schedule and deliver reports. The result is improved time to decision and end-user satisfaction, drastically reducing the cost of creating, maintaining and delivering reports.