Identify Issues and Opportunities by Location

Informer helps agencies across the country transform real-time data from multiple sources (structured or unstructured) into actionable insights by delivering Ad hoc reporting, data analysis and visualization, collaboration, and governance in one complete web-based platform. Agencies can use Informer’s geolocation capabilities to connect data to location and identify issues and opportunities specific to each region. With Informer, you can discover trends, identify needs, and measure program effectiveness in real-time.
Increased Data Insights with Dashboards

Blend, visualize, and analyze data to gain greater visibility into hidden patterns, trends, and opportunities.

Easily Export and Automate Reports

Save time by quickly exporting clean, easily readable summaries and scheduling daily email reports.

Designed for Data Accessibility

Users across organizations can create and customize their own reports and visualize data easily without technical expertise.

Connectivity to Any Data Source

Connect to disparate data stored in a variety of systems to report from multiple sources.

Secure Platform for Sensitive Data

Organizational governance policies are incorporated at the data, content, and functional levels, and data access can be filtered by log-in permissions.

Flexible Implementation

Receive value from your data rapidly via Cloud or on-premises solutions.

Mapped Fields

Organizations Trust Informer

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  • It’s the IT trifecta of saving time, saving money and creating user satisfaction.
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