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Informer Managed Services

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Manage Your Data Needs More Effectively and Efficiently

Your team can focus on organizational priorities and contributing to business outcomes while an expert from our team can ensure that your customized needs and Informer best practices are met.

Unlock the Value of Your Data with Our Services

Training and Consulting

Custom projects, implementation, and training including assistance with version migration and 1-on-1 training or working sessions.

Report Design

Highly customized visuals and reports design including Dashboards or customized export Templates.

Scripts and Calculations

Calculated Fields, Power Scripts, Informer Functions, Custom Fields or plugins creation to expand the functionality of Informer.

Dedicated Expert

Experienced industry-specific teams assist with database specific questions, defining custom links, and creating content based on best practices.

Informer Administration

Extra dedicated resource available to handle administrative tasks such as installation, upgrades, and Informer maintenance.

Priority Support

With Managed Services, any service request that you submit will receive priority routing to our customer success team.

Hours Per Year10204080120
Hourly Rate$250$225$200$175$165
Annual Price$2500$4500$8000$14000$19800

One Dashboard With Individual User Views

Harmon Dennis Bradshaw and Informer worked side-by-side to design a solution where one Dashboard was accessible to all employees, but only allowed them to view their own data. First, we built the backend Datasets and verified the data. Then, we created the visuals and Dashboards together to be appealing and easy to use for the employees.

  • Ashley Walden
    Harmon Dennis Bradshaw

    It has been a game changer for us. We have created Dashboards and we have set up reports to email out automatically on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual distributions. We set those up, touched them once, and we never have to touch them again. It all happens automatically.

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