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New Feature – Web Datasource

Robin Lamb, Director of Informer Client Services, discusses Informer’s exciting new web connector.

The Web Datasource driver, an experimental feature in 5.4, connects Informer to web-based tools opening the door to many different types of datasources. The driver enables Informer to connect to a REST endpoint to retrieve data. This type of connection allows users to connect to data that is not installed internally in their environment. Users will be able to pull data from SaaS-based hosted solutions. For example, at Entrinsik, we have utilized the driver to connect Jira Software to Informer 5 to aid in the efficiency of our developmental process. Jira is where we keep track of all bugs and feature requests generated by customer use. See below on how we connected Infomer to Jira (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Web Datasource Connection

To create a Dataset, enter the query parameters into the Response Handler area of the GET Request (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Dataset GET Request

By connecting to our hosted Jira, we are able to extract data that tells us which feature enhancements have been asked for by the most customers or which bugs are most critical to fix. We are able prioritize our workflow by extracting data from the source. Connect the Web Datasource to one of your web-based tools and see the insights you can extract.

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