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Elevating the Informer Ecosystem with AI

 As the Chief Product Officer at Entrinsik, it’s been a privilege to be on the journey of bringing AI into our product, Informer – an initiative ignited in early 2023 by our visionary CEO, Brad Leupen. Our goal was to revolutionize the way that users interact with data – both within Informer and outside of Informer.   

By summer 2023, Brad and our Vice President of Informer Engineering, Andrea Vega, led our development team to craft Informer AI to be an intelligent expert, allowing users to navigate, construct, and enhance their Informer workflows with ease.   

Initial Phases of Informer AI 

We couldn’t wait to reveal Informer AI at our user conference, Entrinsicon, that September to show customers how they could leverage AI within Informer. We were elated at the enthusiasm and excitement that ensued! Customers immediately grasped how they could seamlessly use Informer AI to accelerate their work and extract insights from their data. It was validating and underscored the importance of our innovations and the transformative potential.   

Soon after Entrinsicon, select members of our Informer Advisory Council (IAC) – a customer user group that plays a crucial role in shaping Informer – became our initial Informer AI Pilot sites and began using Informer AI to advance their workflows. Their feedback was pivotal in identifying key improvement areas for user interaction and ways to sharpen communication between the user and AI. We also gained insight into the ways customers foresee using Informer AI and the potential that lay ahead. This is when the idea of Informer AI Assistants was born!  We didn’t want to be just another AI chatbot…we had deeper ideas in mind.  

Informer AI Assistants lead the way 

We engineered Informer AI Assistants to be intentional, intelligent with specific knowledge, and skilled for the objective at hand. This allows customers to create an expert AI Assistant for every purpose! Thus, an AI Assistant has targeted conversations and capabilities, which greatly mitigates the effects of hallucinations that plague general AI. It was essential to us that the foundational ways that Informer adheres to Data Governance persist in Informer AI Assistants, protecting access and confidentiality of user data.  

We opened Pilot sites to more members of our IAC and began partnering with all our Pilot sites to create AI Assistants for their various real-world use cases. We also continued to refine the technology that supports using Informer more efficiently and carved it out as one such AI Assistant – the Informer Copilot.    

Our Pilot sites were using Informer Copilot to reduce manual tasks, accelerate content creation within Informer, and elevate their technical skills like writing JavaScript in an instant. They were also building AI Assistants targeted for different constituents for their organization that even surpassed our ideas. We were amazed by how our Pilot sites were using AI Assistants. Examples include Student Experience AI Assistant, Personalized HR Assistant, Title Insurance Closing Assistant, Insurance Policy Comparison Assistant, Course TA Assistant, AI Assistant integration with Microsoft Teams, Alumni Giving Assistant-just to name a few. They are using AI Assistants to not only serve up information and do analysis, but also to brainstorm and strategize. And the most exciting part?  This is all impacting their bottom line in savings of time and money. We are indebted to our IAC for being on the journey with us thus far.   

What lies ahead with Informer AI Assistants 

As we forge ahead with the development of the Informer AI Assistants, we’re looking forward to a future filled with exciting enhancements. We envision an experience where users are conversing with different AI Assistants just as seamlessly as they do with coworkers and taking immediate action from an AI Assistant. We envision an experience where students use an AI Assistant as their go-to for navigating their academic pursuits-from finding out what courses they still need to take, to helping them study for a Chemistry test. The potential we have in supporting a student’s path is particularly exciting to me as a Mom! 

Our journey is just the beginning as we strive to empower customers to harness the power of AI to make the most informed decisions supported by robust and secure data. I’m genuinely excited about the impact Informer AI Assistants will have on customers’ daily work and the transformative effect it will have for their organizations.   

I invite you to plug an AI Assistant up to your data and ask away! See the possibilities for yourself.  

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