Enrole is...

an all-in-one SaaS solution. Specifically designed for non credit registration, with course management, robust reporting, and a dynamic and intuitive e-commerce platform. Quickly identify real-time profitability, automate correspondences, and offer your attendees flexible enrollment and payment options.

E-commerce Cart

Enrole’s Shopping Cart is your organization’s face to your customers presenting a branded, easy-to-use shopping experience. Content is dynamically populated from your Enrole course catalog and enables searching via keyword, instructor, calendar, or category.

Customers can add course schedules to their device, view order history and certificates of completion, pay outstanding balances, create unofficial transcripts, and update their profile information.

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Sales Desk

Enrole is a flexible solution that can be tailored to suit various industries and organizations of different sizes. Whether you are managing registrations for a small training center or a large-scale Continuing Education department, Enrole can adapt to your requirements.

The software is customizable, flexible, and scalable to accommodate mass registrations without sacrificing performance or time. This innovative platform isn't just about simplifying administrative roles; it's about enhancing staff approval rates and boosting enrollment figures. With its intuitive interface, Enrole Sales Desk enables your team to effortlessly navigate through tasks, ultimately elevating the overall user satisfaction.


Informer simplifies the process, ensuring that anyone can effortlessly visualize, analyze, and discover data insights. Your team can take charge of their data, refine it for maximum efficiency, and share it wherever needed. Informer supports lightning fast sorting, grouping, filtering and aggregations that can scale effortlessly with your data.

Easily build queries using our point and click user interface. Informer is the ideal platform to create stunning visuals that can be shared internally with users - or published externally for public consumption. Drill into details, spot trends over time, or plot records on a map.

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We integrate with the following PCI DSS compliant partners: TouchNet® uPay, PayPal® PayFlowPRO, Authorize.Net Payment Form, CashNet/TransACT, and Nelnet Campus Commerce®.

We integrate in real-time with Canvas, D2L Brightspace, Blackboard and Moodle. When a participant is registered in a LMS session, their seat is confirmed and they receive an immediate access link to learning. We also integrate two-way in real-time with Colleague!


Instructor Portal

A specifically designed utility for instructors to self-manage biographical and contact information, view past and upcoming courses, print or view rosters/attendee lists, and communicate with attendees via email. Functions include recording attendance, issuing continuing education units/values, and assigning grades.

Client Portal

Allow your corporate clients and business partners to register their employees into custom/contract training sessions. Client training managers can enroll and cancel employees with one click, create new employees, view past and upcoming custom training sessions, view or print rosters/attendance lists, and track employee progress.

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal gives you all the tools you need to update the look and feel of your shopping cart whenever you wish. You control the vocabulary, categories, images, cards, and bulletins to keep your students up-to-date on all the happenings with your department.

Correspondence Portal

With Enrole you can save time with automated notification emails to students, such as receipts, confirmation emails, invoices, reminders, certificates, etc. You can utilize our canned templates to assist with setting up your automations. Enrole’s processes do the rest!

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We would recommend Entrinsik because they have adapted to our business needs. And since no one does business the same way, potential customers should make sure Enrole is the right fit for their organization. Entrinsik’s commitment to developing future features is evident.

Daniel Hocutt

University of Richmond

We are still praising our amazing new software to everyone!!! It has changed our way of business. Our IT staff says we are the happiest department that they have ever worked with for a software conversion. Offering early bird discounts increased early registrations. (It’s amazing how saving $10 motivates people.) We actually knew there were enough registrations for our CEU seminars two-four weeks before the seminars were scheduled.

Deb Hoyer-Denson

Kankakee Community College

If an organization is looking for something that’s an all-in-one, where they can track financials, participants, and have the reporting they need to make sure they are running a viable program – then get Enrole. This is the 3rd registration software that I’ve worked in, and it’s by far the best.

Leslie Brock

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Before, we had about 29% of our registration that was done online. So far with Enrole, just in a little over a month, we’ve already increased our online registration to 50%.

Stephen Newcombe

Central Oregon Community College