Enrole FAQs

What types of organizations or departments does Enrole work for?

Enrole is specifically designed for continuing education, professional development, lifelong learning, conferences & seminars, community outreach, workforce development, certificate programs, customized training, camps and children’s programs, and more.

Is Enrole a SaaS application? Where is it housed and backed up?

Yes, Enrole is hosted and housed at multiple secure AWS datacenters with 24/7 physical security and monitoring. Backups occur daily with a 30-day retention policy, and on machine backups occur nightly with redundant servers at different locations.

What are the minimum system requirements to run Enrole?

Enrole requires high speed internet access and works with all modern updated browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Does Enrole support mobile devices for our customers?

Yes, Enrole, the shopping cart/student portal, and other portals are mobile responsive. There is no mobile app for Enrole.

Which payment gateways does Enrole support?

TouchNet-uPay, Authorize.Net, PayPal-Payflow Pro, Cashnet, Nelnet.

Is Enrole PCI compliant?

Yes, we have a SAQ-D attestation of compliance for PCI-DSS. Enrole does not collect, transmit, store or process payment card information in our application.

Does Enrole comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Enrole is ADA, WCAG, VPAT, and HECVAT compliant.

What’s the expected uptime?

Services at a minimum will be available 24x7x365, [99.9%] excluding any scheduled downtime, outside of business hours, with notification to our clients in advance.

Do you have reporting functions and sample reports?

Yes, Enrole embeds Informer, a robust, ad-hoc reporting tool. It contains a bundle of canned reports to edit or create an unlimited number of reports of your own.

What types of support does Enrole offer?

Enrole customer support uses Zendesk software for 24/7 support and houses how-to guides, videos, and documentation. The Enrole support team can be reached via Zendesk Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm EST. Automated monitoring and intrusion detection software sends alerts and notifications on the health of the system. Enrole technical support runs 24 hours a day to ensure continuous uptime or to take immediate and appropriate action.

What is the disaster recovery plan?

To ensure business continuity with minimum downtime, data is replicated to a separate datacenter location in real time. Both the data and application servers will independently failover to redundant servers in different locations. Failover generally takes less than one hour with no data loss.

What languages does Enrole support?

Enrole supports only English currently within the continental US.

How much does Enrole cost?

Our pricing is flexible and tailored to your unique needs and requirements based on the number of in-house staff FTE. Enrole is a one-time fee for the standard implementation, hosting, and support for the first year. Year two onward, you pay an annual support and hosting charge. We do not have tier levels, module or feature pricing, user licenses, or transaction fees.

How soon could we go live?

We always try to work with our clients’ deadline where possible and make recommendations. Typically, clients can expect to go live within 10-16 weeks.

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