Enrole Overview

Entrinsik’s Enrole is a dynamic hub of intuitive and agile software to run your entire business. There is a fully loaded suite of functions you will grow into, but never outgrow, coupled with an exceptional and affordable pricing model. Our full-service, cloud-hosted software eases your I.T. resource burden, leaving you to focus on growing your business with a clickable, hyperlinked home page offering vast flexibility for your staff.

Enrole registration, eCommerce, course management, real-time reporting and BI analysis solution will help you make data-driven decisions faster. Entrinsik leverages 30 years of best practices experience to deliver software solutions to non-credit organizations just like yours. Imagine a time with no additional hardware to depend on, a time when the cost of ownership is achievable because it includes support, maintenance, hosting and the best customer service you can imagine.

Training Resources

Enrole was designed to be intuitive and ultimately easy to use, yet to effectively get the best from our system, end-users should be familiar with its vast capabilities, understand how our solution works, and the way it was designed.

After installation and implementation of your Enrole system, we offer many ways to ensure your users have all the resources necessary to succeed with your new purchase. Entrinsik provides cost-effective training options and tailored solutions that will ensure employees get the most out of the software and keep users up-to-date with the latest features.

Agile Reporting and BI for Continuing Education

Imagine the benefits of real-time data access providing all your employees with a rich view of operational data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to support up-to the-moment decision making. Entrinsik Informer does just that. Informer ad-hoc reporting, data analysis and interactive dashboard software is used by over 300 universities and colleges.

Unlike traditional Business Intelligence (BI) approaches that require months and years to get going, Entrinsik’s Enrole with Informer’s reporting and operational business intelligence software can be deployed within days. Informer reporting enables users to instantly create and share personalized reports and dashboards while providing administrators with a flexible, extensible, lightweight operational BI platform.

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