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What is Embedded Analytics

An embedded analytics platform is software seamlessly integrated into your application providing both developers and end users real-time ad hoc reporting, visualization, data preparation, pixel-perfect templating, dashboarding, and other analytics functionality.

Time-to-market, Resources, Complete Solution

Getting to market quickly is a critical factor in the overall success of an application. Development teams spend time and resources identifying the appropriate collection of technologies to achieve their goals: which data storage strategy, logic tier, front-end framework, etc. Building your own analytics suite is possible, but not practical, and would delay product launch.

Choosing an embedded analytics platform allows development to focus on core vertical functionality. And, over time as your embedded platform continues to add functionality, so too do the analytical capabilities of your offering.

On the sales and revenue side, software buyers overwhelmingly prefer complete solution products. Embedded analytics provide seamless, integrated, simple to use analytics and business intelligence capabilities that increase product value, leading to faster sales at a higher price.

Engagement, User Experience

An ever-present, widespread, and consistent use of embedded analytics within your application tier engages users through compelling visual displays, dashboards, and interactives – all seamless and in context. Visualizations are the key for bringing data to life.

Tools for exploring data and navigating data stories yield powerful, engaging user experiences. An embedded analytics platform pins this engagement throughout your application workflows – the analytics process isn’t to export data elsewhere; instead, data discovery occurs within the application itself.

Actionable Insight, Depth

In-context analytics are invaluable for actionable insight, and an integrated platform is ideal for delivering this value. Users rely not only on the application workflows, but also on the close coupling of data in place and the associated analytics.

It is this depth of insight that offers the analytics-focused user experience. Reports are no longer simple grids of rows and columns or rigid PDF documents, but instead are interactive, context relevant visuals and interactive, drillable charts and dashboards. Embedded everywhere, seamlessly.

There Is a Better Way to Work

Informer Embedded allows your development staff to integrate a mature, modern analytics platform into your application. In turn, your users enjoy a seamless, engaging analytics environment. We built Informer Embedded to offer that full cycle experience for development and end users. Development teams focus on their core value, and end users gain data intelligence.

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