2016 Buyer’s Guide to Business Intelligence Software

Posted on June 22nd 2016 2016 Buyer’s Guide to Business Intelligence Software

TrustRadius has published the second edition of the Buyer’s Guide to Business Intelligence Software. The updated guide is a distillation of more than 2,250 ratings and in-depth reviews of 22 leading BI software products on TrustRadius. All ratings and reviews were contributed by authenticated end-users, and many were written or updated in the last year. We believe that the most useful insights come from first-hand users, particularly in a category like Business Intelligence, where there is such a wide variety of available tools at all price points, all with very similar marketing messaging. As always, each reviewer was vetted and validated by a TrustRadius team member. The result is a reliable, independent analysis, uninfluenced by vendors or anyone else with an agenda.

In addition to reading and distilling every single review, we spoke with vendors and experts to offer differing viewpoints on the direction of the BI market in 2016.

In this guide you’ll find:

  • In-depth exploration of the Business Intelligence software market, including types of BI tools and 2016 trends
  • TrustMaps showing the Top Rated tools used by Small Businesses, Mid-size Companies, and Enterprises based on user ratings & frequency of evaluation on TrustRadius
  • Detailed profiles of 22 BI tools, including pros & cons as cited in 2,250+ authenticated end-user ratings and reviews
  • Tips from experts on how to buy a BI solution

See it for yourself – download your copy of the Buyer’s Guide to BI software below for free!

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