Recorded Webinar: Unlock the Value of Your Data by Smashing Data Silos with Informer 4

Posted on July 1st 2015

More often than not, organizations are maintaining several different systems to collect, analyze and visualize data: one for their general ledger/ERP, one for their CRM, and so on. A major hurdle in extracting VALUE from this data to grow revenue and optimize operations is an inability to blend and share data across these disparate silos for a more comprehensive picture of operations and opportunities.

Failing to address this problem can lead to inefficiencies and lost opportunities at a time when more thorough data analysis can help a company use data sets from diverse sources more effectively, to save money or find new business opportunities.

Download the recorded webinar and see how more comprehensive data analysis capabilities can help your organization leverage data from diverse sources more effectively, to save money, find new business opportunities and stay competitive.

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