Recorded Webinar: Informer 5: Agile Data Discovery for Banner by Ellucian

Posted on September 12th 2016 Recorded Webinar: Informer 5: Agile Data Discovery for Banner by Ellucian

The challenge for many institutions is turning captured data into meaningful information, regardless of where it is stored, that can then be used to make better decisions. With the right data discovery platform, you get a holistic view of student and faculty data in your Banner system – from enrollment to financials – to spot patterns and trends for valuable insight into day-to-day operations.

View this recorded webinar to see the newest version of Entrinsik Informer, an integrated, enterprise-ready data discovery platform for agile, on demand data analysis. Better understand KPIs like student retention, graduation rates, completion rates, diversity measures and much more. See how Informer’s intuitive interface intelligently guides users through each phase of the data discovery process.

Informer 5.0 is designed to install and deploy quickly to easily access your Banner data, along with other structured or unstructured data, hiding the technical complexities and making it easy for end users to generate reports and visualizations on demand without IT expertise.

And you can be up and running faster than ever before with our prepackaged Informer report bundles for Banner. Informer bundles have everything you need to get started with Informer, including table mappings and ready-made reports specifically created for use with Banner data.


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