Recorded Webinar: Demo – See how Canadore College Streamlines Data Analysis Workflows with Informer

Posted on June 28th 2018
View the recording of this live demonstration to see how Canadore College is able to use Informer for data analysis with features like:
  • Comparison Boards to track KPIs across dimensions
  • Informer Reports to track applicant conversion rates by recruitment dollars spent
  • Workspaces to combine Banner data with spreadsheet data
  • GEO mapping to make data-informed decisions quicker.
With Informer, Canadore is able to:
  • Optimize recruitment spending
  • Understand student demographics and behaviors
  • Track application to confirmation conversion rates
  • Perform comparisons and trend analysis across multiple dimensions
  • Respond quickly to state and federal government reporting requirements
  • Increase data transparency and collaboration between departments
  • Optimize resource allocation to improve academic outcomes.
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