Webinar Highlights: Westminster College Integrates LMS with Entrinsik Informer Reporting & BI

Posted on November 25th 2013

We recently partnered with Westminster College to present a live webinar that aired on Wednesday, November 20, 2013.

Nichole Greenwood and Troy Derber from Westminster College present their own experiences with Informer BI & Reporting in the first of a series of customer-led webinars hosted by Entrinsik. We’ve provided a brief overview and some key highlights of the presentation below. We would like to thank Nichole and Troy for their excellent presentation!

Nichole Greenwood occupies an Institutional Research Role at Westminster College and co-presenter Troy Derber works in the IT department as a software developer and systems administrator.

Westminster College is a small liberal arts college with around 3,000 students, and has been using Informer since 2008 with almost 6,000 reports created. Implementing Informer has allowed the College to report off of their Ellucian Colleague and other databases simultaneously without the need for complicated data warehouses or cubes for instant access to the data they need.

Before Informer, reporting was done fully by IT using colon prompt to pull data from the College’s databases; non-IT users did not have access to institutional data and relied on the IT department for the information they needed. Westminster chose Informer partly because it was the easiest and quickest to implement; users had instant access to data and reports with little time needed for training.

Most of Westminster’s reports are written by a small group of power users, which can then be run and manipulated by end-users across campus. Many reports are automatically scheduled to be emailed out to end-users for quick, easy access to report results right in their inboxes.

Many end-users including faculty members lacked the time or detailed parameters needed to run reports. To solve this problem, Westminster integrated Informer with their LMS (Canvas) to help faculty access specific data right inside the LMS site. Within the Canvas interface, a “WC reports demo” tab was created, which links directly to Informer. In this tab, faculty can access specific, live report data such as a photo roster of students in a course, average GPA of a course, student athletics, etc. To do this, Canvas grabs live data from a pre-specified Informer report, and custom-built charts are automatically updated. The College hopes to incorporate Informer dashboards in this process soon so that users can drill down into chart data.

Dashboards have been widely used in many other campus offices and several are distributed campus-wide. This has been especially helpful in visualizing student enrollment statistics (credit hours, undergrad enrollment by class, level, credit hours, etc.). Westminster hopes to further utilize Dashboards in future planning. Informer makes it easy to embed dashboards into another application (like Canvas) or directly onto a specific webpage by direct url link or html embed code.

The College estimates they have saved 5-6 hours of reporting time per day after implementing Informer. More users now have access to important data and have the ability to copy reports, change selection criteria based on department or school, and have almost instant customization. Informer makes reporting easier and faster; it’s that simple!

About Westminster College (from www.westminstercollege.edu)

Founded in 1875, Westminster is a nationally recognized, private comprehensive liberal arts college with a broad array of undergraduate and graduate programs with more than 70 academic programs to choose from.Westminster’s unique environment for learning prepares students for success through active and engaged learning, real world experiences, and a vibrant campus community. The College’s location, adjacent to the Rocky Mountains and to the dynamic city of Salt Lake, further enriches the college experience.

About Entrinsik Informer

Entrinsik Informer is an agile reporting and business intelligence (BI) solution delivering ad-hoc reporting, self-service data analysis, and interactive dashboards in one complete solution. Informer’s intuitive, web-based interface is easy to navigate, enabling users to access data from multiple sources to create and customize their own reports and dashboards on demand. For a demonstration or a free trial, please call 888-703-0016 or email sales@entrinsik.com.

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