Valparaiso University Sees Immediate Improvement in Financial Reporting and Analysis Across Campus Using Informer

Posted on March 21st 2012

by John Bowker, Coordinator, Management Information Systems at Valparaiso University

Valparaiso University started using Informer in February, 2011 after having been a “somewhat satisfied” user of Query Builder since our conversion to Datatel’s UniData platform in 1998.

Our users began using Informer and immediately saw their efficiencies enhanced with the ease of the tool and the analytics… and the IT staff saw a reduction in the number of home-made computed columns drop to near zero.

After a few months, we traveled around campus to ask the departmental administrative assistants how we might make their lives simpler… and the loudest and most prevalent cry was about a singular process that takes a minimum of 43 key strokes (and can be over 50) to generate a fairly common General Ledger Activity report.  And, because of our setup, all of the key strokes were required for each report, every time.  Once we converted this report directly in Informer, all a user has to do is press “Launch”.

The Finance Office has been charged with making the clones of this report to ensure the security is maintained for the GL access.   So far, they have created dozens of versions of this report for the various departments across campus.

We were able to replicate the embedded activity report in an Informer report using several file mappings.  Using the security settings allowing the users only to launch the report (on demand if needed), we were able to copy the report many times over changing only a few digits on the selection criteria.  We have also scheduled these reports to run automatically based on the timeline requested by the assistant, thereby eliminating the need for any Informer training for these occasional users!

Our biggest fan is the business manager for the athletics department who is managing the budgets for 15 Division 1 teams plus the athletics office and several miscellaneous funds… and now all of those reports run on Sunday afternoon and are emailed to the coaches and the directors for their review every week.  We are saving a bunch of trees and staff time.

For a demonstration of Informer, email or call 888-703-0016.

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