Using Informer Metadata to Support Your Report Writers

Posted on November 13th 2013

Jane Fleury is a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst in the Office of Information Technology at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. Within her role as an IT and BI professional, Jane provides support for the school’s reporting software users. As an Informer administrator, she is helping RISD move from QueryBuilder reporting to Informer.

In this guest blog article, Jane explains how she uses Informer metadata to create reports for power users in order to manage the high volume of Informer reports that are created. In order to do this, Informer is itself set up as a datasource (the same way as any other database), and reports are run to find already created Informer reports containing the parameters specified by the report runner.

Using Informer Metadata to Support Your Report Writers

By Jane Fleury

Informer administrators often write reports against Informer metadata to make their own jobs easier.  It is possible, in addition, to use Informer metadata to create reports that make life easier for Informer report writers.

Like other Colleague schools, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is rewriting QueryBuilder reports in Informer.  Since some report writers will end up with hundreds of reports, Informer power users at RISD requested these two reports to help them manage and write reports in Informer.

The first report is for managing reports. The report writers at RISD wanted this report to manage the reports of which they are the owner, as opposed to all the reports that are listed when a person logs in to Informer.  They wanted to review whether they had locked their reports once they had completed testing.  They wanted to review if/how they had shared their reports.  Also, they would be able to export or print the report as a work list.


This report lists the following properties:

Report ColumnMetadata Mapping / CalculationMetadata Property
Locked?Calculated column with REPORT mapping LOCKED property as input.  Translates the numeric values of LOCKED to Yes and No.
Report Shared To (Informer groups and users that can view the report, for shared reports)REPORTSHARE (reverse by REPORT_ID)SID (defined as numeric)(In the Column Display Editor, the Code File Display is “Description Only” *

The second report is a tool to find an existing report to use as a template for a new report.  On the Informer Report Template tab there is a Mapping field. Here at RISD we have many reports that link several mappings deep, so we refer to the mapping on the Report Template tab as the “anchor” mapping for a report.   Our second report selects reports on the anchor mapping, and, optionally, on report owner, so that a report writer can identify existing reports with an anchor mapping required by a new report.



Most of the properties on this report are from the Informer metadata REPORT mapping:

Report ColumnMetadata Mapping / CalculationMetadata Property
Shared toREPORTSHARE (reverse by REPORT_ID)SID (In the Column Display Editor, the Code File Display is “Description Only”)

We have chosen to make the selection criteria optional, to give the report writers more choice about which reports they want to select.

Reviewing these reports suggests other reports I might write for the power users. What reports can you think of that would help your Informer users?


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