The importance of great service: customer happiness report

Posted on December 8th 2015 The importance of great service: customer happiness report

Customer service has always been a top priority here at Entrinsik. We think that happy customers are the best customers and we work every day to achieve positive satisfaction results. There are no overseas call centers or automated messages here – our customer services staff members are here every day, working with our clients to make sure they get the results they want.

Total Solution Assistance

Unlike some companies who seem to disappear after the onboarding process, Entrinsik stays with our clients through all phases of software use: trial, implementation, training, consulting, upgrading, and troubleshooting. Have a unique use case? We love solving challenges – nothing is ever too big or too small.

Various Training Opportunities

We don’t leave you hanging after implementation – our services team offers multiple ways to train users on our software. One-on-one consulting, online and on-site customized training sessions, webinars, documentation, and Informer Roadshows are just some of the ways we offer customers training opportunities.

You know how to find us

We believe help should never be far away. If there is ever a question, comment, or problem to solve, our expert staff members are available to work with you through various channels. Email our support team directly, fill out an online contact form on our website, call our local or toll-free phone number, or log into the customer help center – there’s always a convenient way to reach us.

Don’t take it from us

We offer a satisfaction rating system to every customer who submits a support ticket. The results continue to be wonderful and stay above the industry average in all categories. For example, in October 2015 we had 121 responses from customers, 100% giving us positive ratings and feedback. (But don’t take it from us – you can read reviews of our company and software from actual users on,, and

Recent customer comments:

“…my hope was that I could get some creative and knowledgeable input on how to approach a solution. That was my experience and I think as a result, we’ve uncovered a great product feature of Informer that may not be widely known. I will certainly tout this capability to other users and prospective users as well as the competence and creativity of Informer support.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at the speed and accuracy in which my request was handled. The instructions were on point and clear. Best of all it solved my issue. In fact, I am sharing that solution with others because it helped me so much.”

“Support has been wonderful. The response time has been so incredibly quick. It is great that all specialists are willing to take the time to work with me to the end to resolve any issue.”

For more information on Entrinsik, visit Also check out our Services page for more information on training and consulting services.

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