Business Intelligence and Analytics Terms You Should Know

Posted on March 15th 2016

While some professionals out there know everything there is to know about business intelligence, reporting, and analytics, there are plenty more who may not completely understand certain concepts, practices, or terms relating to BI. If you’re a professional who’d like to learn more about the basics of BI, here are a few terms you should know:

Ad-Hoc Query: The ability to create a one-off, “on-demand” report from a reporting software by querying live data from a data source

Anonymization: The severing of links between people in a database and their records to prevent the discovery of the record source and to maintain confidentiality.

Behavioral Analytics: Using data about people’s behavior to understand intent and predict future actions.

Database: A collection of data arranged for search and retrieval by reporting software.

Data Mart: A small data repository that is focused on information of a specific company area or department such as Sales, Finance, or HR.

Data point: An individual item on a graph or chart.

Data visualization: Organizing data in a visual context for better/faster understanding, like a chart or map.

Filter: A mechanism that includes or excludes specific data from reports based on user-defined parameters.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): A metric that an organization measures its progress against in order to determine success or areas for improvement.

Metadata: Data that gives information about what the primary data is itself about.

Schema: The structure that defines the organization of data in a database.

Slice and Dice: Data manipulation tools in reporting or spreadsheet software that allows users to view data from different angles.


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