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Better Decisions With Better Reporting for Ellucian Banner

In today’s data-driven business environment, organizations need to have access to relevant information at the right time. That is where business intelligence (BI) solutions help. Informer is a BI solution designed for higher education users to connect to their specific data sources to generate reports, dashboards, and analytics. 

Informer is particularly useful for institutions using Ellucian Banner, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for colleges and universities. Informer enables Banner users to easily access, analyze, and combine data stored in the Banner system and other data sources, allowing them to gain actionable insights.  

One benefit of Informer that sets it apart from other BI solutions is its user-friendly nature. Informer empowers end-users to create reports and dashboards without relying on IT. Business users can quickly and easily generate the insights they need to make informed decisions rather than waiting for IT to develop custom reports, often saving limited IT time and resources.  

Informer can show many types of insights based on the data stored in Banner. Some examples of insights that Informer can provide include:  

  1. Enrollment Trends: This includes application, admission, and student enrollment patterns over time, including the number of students enrolled, the programs they are enrolled in, and their demographic data. These insights can help institutions identify areas where they may need to invest resources to improve enrollment.  
  1. Financial Health: Informer can help institutions track their financial performance, including revenue, expenses, budget variances, and fundraising. Informer assists in identifying areas where schools may need to adjust or allocate resources to ensure financial sustainability.  
  1. Student Performance: Some examples of student performance metrics include grades, retention rates, and graduation rates. Identifying at-risk students and areas where the institution may need to provide additional support to students can improve academic success.  

By using Informer in conjunction with Ellucian Banner, institutions can empower end-users to generate their own reports and dashboards, enabling them to make informed decisions based on real-time data to improve learning. Click here to learn more about how Informer can help your institution.

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