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Partnering with the IT organization

By Tim Nicholson VP, Informer Customer Services Many prospective customers say creating complex reports is challenging. What challenges them the most is getting data out of their systems and asking the IT staff to write the necessary queries to pull...
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Informer 5 delivers greater data access and extensibility

By Tim Nicholson VP, Informer Customer Services Over its existence, Informer has gone through major evolutionary changes in the areas of data access and management, data governance, and reporting. Informer 3 and Informer 4 did a great job in setting...
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Functionality that differentiates Informer 5 from other self-service reporting solutions

  Entrinsik‚Äôs data analytics and BI platform, Informer, radically simplifies the process of accessing, cleansing, blending, and analyzing disparate data by using a single platform to create a cohesive, curated, governed data hub for self-service data analysis across organizations. Informer...
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True Self-Service Reporting

  Self-service reporting has long been a goal of the IT departments I consult with. They long for the ability to pass along tasks involving query writing and data retrieval to the end-user. Basically, they want their user base to...
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How to best design Datasets

I had a post recently on the Informer Community web page asking us how to best design Datasets. There are a couple of alternatives worth discussing. Datasets bring the concept of data modeling to the forefront. Designing your Dataset requires...
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