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Real-Time Enrole/Colleague Integration for Continuing Education

We sat down with Simone McGrath, Director of Enrole Sales and Marketing, to discuss the new Ellucian Colleague connector for Enrole users.

Covered in this article:

  • Enrole’s new Colleague Connector replicates courses and sessions created in Enrole directly into Colleague in real-time
  • Student data is synced in real-time between Enrole and Colleague, establishing the single sign on access to important resources such as LMS, library, labs, and parking
  • State-mandated reporting for non-credit offerings is facilitated by the Colleague Connector, invaluable for allocation of grants to institutions

Enrole is a SaaS product for predominantly non-credit registration, e-commerce, course management, and reporting that integrates with learning management systems such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Zoom and Desire 2 Learn. The Enrole team has extensive experience in the continuing and higher education arena. Entrinsik has specialized in registration software since 1984, and reporting on Ellucian’s Colleague since 2006.

Enrole now offers a native Colleague Connector that is especially exciting and convenient for non-credit continuing education departments. We identified a significant need for the ability to drive enrollment information from Enrole into Colleague. With the Colleague connector, courses and sessions are created immediately, and students upon purchase of a Session are matched or created and registered in the section in Colleague.

A Typical Workflow

Enrole syncs students in real-time with Colleague, creating a new profile if a student match is not found and pulls back into Enrole their Colleague ID at the time of creation. This connection establishes student access to their address, identification cards, labs, dining rooms, and learning management systems. This becomes a huge time and resource-saver by utilizing existing Colleague integrations and their respective access through Colleague instead of reinventing the connection from Enrole. However, Enrole does offer direct integrations with Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle; with Zoom and Desire2Learn also coming soon.

Another important use case involves reporting. State-mandated reporting is required to come from a single source such as Colleague. Clients need to push Enrole registration data such as gender, race, nationality, and other demographics depending on the course type into Colleague to satisfy this requirement, which the connector facilitates. This information is often used for state-funding and grant allocations, which is why this connector function is so valuable.

The non-credit course offerings out of Colleague are not always intuitive for the staff to create or the student to register and therefore do not function as intended. Enrole is intentionally integrated with Colleague to maximize functionality for a wider variety of institutional offerings.

For more information, contact Simone McGrath at

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