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Unlocking Educational Opportunities: The Benefits of the Enrole & Canvas Integration

Enrole is pleased to highlight the partnership between Enrole and Canvas LMS, part of the Instructure Learning Platform. Together our platforms offer a powerful integration for Continuing Education departments, bringing efficiency to the forefront of the registration process. Some of the efficiencies gained include:

1. Effortless Student Registration

Enrole simplifies the process of selling access to Canvas courses, significantly reducing the workload for your staff. Once a student purchases a Canvas class, their seat is reserved, payment is processed, and they are enrolled in the class in Canvas. This reduces the likelihood of manual errors with an efficient process for ensuring an immediate start to learning. If you have classes, that aren’t going to involve Canvas, that’s not a problem – Enrole will carry on with the registration process as usual.

2. Clear Communication

Clear and effective communication is crucial for a successful educational journey. Students receive instant course access through on-screen notifications, emailed receipts, confirmation emails, as well as in their profile order history. Additional information can be included in confirmation emails tailored specifically for Canvas classes.

3. Automated Grade Import

Once a session is completed, the integration will run overnight to see which sessions now have a grade. This is not the individual assignment grades, but the overall grade for the class. Having the grades in Enrole, allows for quick reporting, certificates of completion for classes, and unofficial/official transcripts, and more! This not only benefits educators by reducing administrative burdens but also ensures that students receive timely and accurate feedback on their performance.

The Enrole and Canvas integration offers a transformative solution for Continuing Education professionals. It simplifies the process of selling course access, enhances the student experience, streamlines administrative tasks, and provides a flexible and tailored approach to course configuration. With this integration, Continuing Education departments can focus on what they do best—delivering high-quality education.
Canvas by Instructure + Enrole = Better Together

If you’d like to learn more about the Enrole-Canvas Integration or about Enrole Registration Management Software, click here.

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