Gathering and interpreting disparate data is more critical than ever to remain competitive in today’s data-intensive business environment

Posted on May 24th 2016

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The ability to consolidate several data points from multiple sources, including CRM, to perform comprehensive data analysis is no longer optional if companies want to remain competitive, it’s essential. In order to do that, companies have typically relied on business intelligence (BI) solutions that are often complicated to use, costly to maintain and don’t’ provide the ability to do analysis on the fly using the most up-to-date data.

Traditional BI solutions require a skilled IT analyst to create reports and perform advanced analysis for a diverse set of users. IT analysts may be skilled at data access, data mining or data warehousing, however they may not be best to identify relevant business insights from the data to make the best decisions for the business or data discovery. This is why blending multiple data points and enabling self-service, ad-hoc reporting and analysis is the key to empowering sales and marketing teams to improve customer relationships, spot trends, and identify opportunities for growth.


Sugar’s in-app reporting capabilities help you access basic information, but if you need more in-depth analysis across multiple data sources, not just CRM, you need a solution that gives your users data these discovery capabilities.

Data discovery is all about easy data blending and exploration, the ability to do mashups and display results in visually compelling ways. That’s where the value to your business is. The newest version of Informer, scheduled for release later this year, expands upon the existing data discovery, visual analytical capabilities of Informer to deliver a data discovery platform to take your business to the next level.

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