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Informer Partner Program

Enhancing your offering.

Provide your clients state-of-the-art data analytics and reporting. Whether you want to complement your current software offering or want to be a distributor, we have a place for you in our partner program.

Informer Features

100 % browser-based

Integrates real-time data from multiple systems

Data Hub for consolidation and governance 

Robust, interactive dashboards and visuals

Ad-hoc, self-service data analysis 

Pixel perfect reporting (e.g. forms)

Supports enterprise-wide security

Multi-tenant deployment

One-click content sharing across installations

Install and implement in days

Assisted proof of concept

Ongoing support and maintenance

Partnering With Entrinsik

Your software applications are built to provide value for managing the task at hand; we are all about gathering data, analyzing it, and distributing it as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. Increasingly, solution providers choose to embed reporting and dashboards into their products and services in a way that preserves their brand and enhances user experience.

Informer’s pluggable architecture makes it ideal for integrating into other applications. Entrinsik’s partners can customize, brand, and embed Informer into existing software to create a cohesive analytics infrastructure.

Ways to Partner With Us

  • Embedded
  • Reseller
  • Refferal
  • Distributor

Embed and white-label Informer as your own business intelligence application. OEM partners often utilize Informer’s plugin technology to customize the look and feel, incorporate their company/product’s logo, and implement single sign-on along with other integration points back into their core applications.

Through the reseller program, ISVs can extend their current product offering to provide a more complete solution with a viable reporting and business intelligence tool tailored to their specific applications. The Informer Channel team will work with resellers in devising an overall go-to-market strategy, co-marketing efforts and sales training.

The referral program is ideal for consultants, technology and application providers who would like to promote the benefits of Informer to their client base while Entrinsik maintains first level sales and technical support. This also provides a great foundation for potential resellers. Entrinsik will also assist with co-marketing endeavors.

Entrinsik currently has several international distributors, but we’re always interested in expanding Informer’s reach across the globe. If you’re interested in adding Informer to your current catalog, please contact us.

What Our Partners Are Saying

  • Stuart Shepherd
    APT Solutions Limited

    If you have a lot of information and want to be able to summarize perhaps graphically and still allow drill down this is great. Users are able to create reports for distribution where the consumers of those reports can add their own columns (or delete ones they do not need) without being able to change the core report itself. This saves hours of repeatedly writing specific reports for users who only want some columns changing. Integration to our own software platform for security purposes has allowed us to have multi-level data security applied automatically.

  • Megan Buchanan
    Reporting & Analytics Product Manager

    I would absolutely recommend Informer 5 to other users and companies regardless of the industry. I definitely think there is value, it’s user friendly, it’s intuitive… a little training goes a very long way… Combining your data makes a lot of sense and that can often be very challenging [otherwise].

  • Craig Babigian
    Executive Vice President

    The possibilities are endless in terms of how data can be combined and sorted. There’s not much you can do with a printed report. Now users can run analytics and create their own charts based on their specific needs.

Become a Partner

If you’d like to explore the various options of partnering, schedule a demo, or plan a proof of concept, please fill out this form and tell us how we can help.

How We Get Started

  • Exploratory call, exchange company and application knowledge
  • Discuss economics and logistics
  • Formalize custom technology needs
  • Build a POC framework

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