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The Informer Winter 2023 Issue

Excellence in BI: Informer Tops Survey

Informer has once again demonstrated its leadership in the business intelligence sector, achieving outstanding results in The BI & Analytics Survey 24. For the fourth consecutive year, Informer excelled, securing 37 top rankings and 32 leading positions across various peer groups. Key highlights include a 97% rating in ‘Price to Value’, a 97% customer satisfaction rate, and a 94% excellent or good rating for vendor support. Furthermore, 55% of users selected Informer for its ease of use, and remarkably, 100% of surveyed users recommended Informer. These achievements underscore Entrinsik’s commitment to delivering cost-effective, user-friendly, and highly effective business intelligence solutions​

Streamlining Data Processes with Informer Online Training!

Come join our upcoming Entrinsik University sessions for Informer 5: Designing Queries on February 14th and Query Performance & Scheduling on February 28th. Expand your expertise in data management with two comprehensive courses. Designing Queries empowers you to craft effective Datasets and Ad-hoc Queries, enhancing your data handling skills. Building upon the Designing Queries foundation, Query Performance & Scheduling offers insights into optimizing Informer’s efficiency, focusing on query selection and data processing techniques. Ideal for professionals in data-driven roles, these courses combine theoretical knowledge with practical, interactive exercises, providing a robust learning experience to master Informer’s sophisticated data management tools.

student experience

Utilizing Business Intelligence for Personalized Student Experiences in Higher Education

Harnessing the power of Business Intelligence (BI) tools in higher education goes beyond digital transformation; it’s about crafting personalized student experiences. These advanced tools gather and analyze extensive data, from student records to online activities, providing actionable insights. BI tools facilitate data integration, visualization, and predictive analytics, revolutionizing academic tailoring, support services, and career advising. This results in tailored learning paths, optimized mental health services, and individualized career guidance, ultimately boosting student satisfaction and retention. The proactive use of BI tools empowers advisors to offer personalized guidance, ensuring effective resource allocation and a more committed student body.

Informer Isn’t the Only Shining Star at Entrinsik!

Enrole SaaS registration management software is a fully loaded suite of functionality emphasizing scalability, flexibility, and reliability for Continuing Professional Education. Enrole is implemented with the student ecommerce site for simple self-enrollment enabling an immediate start to learning on integrated LMS platforms, instructor portal for recording attendance, corporate portal for contract trainings, automated correspondences, administration panel, and Informer reporting embedded at included at an incredibly competitive and transparent price. Enrole is Easy to use. Easy to implement. Easy for everyone.

Streamlining School Data: The Power of Informer and Softdocs

Integrating Informer with Softdocs represents a major advancement in educational data management. This combination streamlines data flow within educational institutions, ensuring real-time updates and accurate data retrieval. A key benefit is the automation of form population in Softdocs, leveraging Informer’s data analytics to reduce manual entries and minimize errors. This integration ensures data accuracy and consistency across platforms, critical for maintaining institutional record integrity and facilitating informed decisions. Additionally, it simplifies compliance with educational standards and enhances reporting capabilities. Overall, this synergy between Informer and Softdocs significantly improves workflow efficiency, saving time and resources for educational administrators and staff.

Online Training

Entrinsik offers a comprehensive online training program for Informer 5. Our online series covers the fundamentals as well as advanced-level topics. Classes are designed to accelerate Informer skill building on a variety of topics from security setup to designing queries, reports, and visuals, and interacting with the results. Each class includes a comprehensive agenda, manual, and certificate of completion. Check out our Fall lineup!

Interacting with Query Results
February 7th | April 24th
Understanding User Security
March 6th | May 22nd
Administration and System Setup
March 13th | May 29th
Building Web Queries
April 3rd | June 19th
JavaScript for Calculated Fields
March 6th | June 5th
Utilizing Informer’s REST API Server
April 17th | July 10th

Advanced Flow Steps and Power Scripts
March 27th | June 12th
Building Templates
April 10th | June 26th
Designing Queries and Reports
February 14th | May 1st
Configuring Visuals and Reports
February 21st | May 8th
Query Performance & Scheduling
February 28th | May 15th

data analytics

Maximizing Profitability with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics in your Insurance Agency

In the agency insurance industry, Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics software are indispensable for maximizing profitability. These tools enable agencies to analyze vast amounts of data for informed decision-making and enhanced client service. Key applications of Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics in insurance agencies include customer segmentation for targeted marketing, optimizing pricing and underwriting through risk assessment, and improving claims management by identifying fraud patterns. Additionally, they enhance operational efficiency by monitoring performance indicators, forecasting market trends for strategic planning, and identifying cross-selling and upselling opportunities. As the marketplace becomes increasingly data-driven, BI and data analytics have transitioned from luxury to necessity for competitive insurance agencies​.

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