New Case Study: Entrinsik Informer & Wynne Systems

Posted on July 24th 2013




Entrinsik partner Wynne Systems is a global software company producing rental equipment software for the equipment industry and business intelligence tools for a large variety of sectors. Their product offering includes a powerhouse product, Axiom® ERP, based on the robust and reliable IBM i platform.

The Cat Rental Store is a subsidiary of Finning International Inc., the world’s largest Caterpillar equipment dealer. The Cat Rental Store is a full service rental organization, featuring a full line of midsize and smaller Caterpillar machinery as well as a variety of other name brands and equipment. The team at The Cat Rental Store used a combination of different reporting tools and data sources including Axiom® ERP, IBM Cognos, Showcase, AS400 Query, SQL, and SugarCRM with Excel in order to get the reporting results they needed.

The Cat Rental Store needed to introduce an integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tool into the organization that would put advanced reporting and dashboarding capabilities into the hands of managers so they could respond quickly to continuously changing business conditions. The Cat Rental Store originally learned about Entrinsik Informer through SugarCRM (Entrinsik is a SugarCRM partner) and various BI publications where it was consistently given a high BI rating, and they were excited when Wynne Systems announced the integration of Entrinsik Informer into their Axiom® ERP.

“Our users are now able to get the answers they need from our data using the self-service, ad-hoc data analysis tools available in Axiom Reporter,” said Brenda Sheplawy at The Cat Rental Store. “We no longer have to create multiple reports on the same data based on individual user requirements. It is very exciting to see this happening. It is an invaluable tool. It allows our users to easily analyze our data & provides actionable results for better decision making by your business leaders at every level. The results are amazing!”

Read the full case study here.

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