Meet the Staff Series: Brad Leupen, CTO

Posted on July 14th 2015

About the series: We’ve always known here at Entrinsik that we have a pretty awesome staff. With employees that have been around from the start 30 years ago to our most recent hires, we’re a big, diverse, efficient and fun work family. We spend a lot of time together, in and out of the office, but unfortunately we can’t spend an equal amount of time letting our thousands of customers get to know us – so we decided to do the next best thing: interview our staff members for a special blog series all about the people behind Entrinsik.

Meet Brad


Who are you and what is your job at Entrinsik?

My name is Brad Leupen, and I’m the Chief Technology Officer for Entrinsik. I’m responsible for product direction, strategy, and R&D for the Informer product.

What is your background?

I was born in New Jersey and lived in upstate New York and Massachusetts before moving to North Carolina in 1984. I attended Harvard University for undergrad and received an AB in computer science.

How did you first become involved with Entrinsik?

My dad, Doug Leupen, started Entrinsik in 1984 when we moved to North Carolina and during college I worked at Entrinsik each summer. After I graduated, I talked with different tech companies but decided Entrinsik was the best fit for what I wanted to do. I knew I could make a bigger impact in a smaller, up and coming business and be in on the ground floor.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

Split between learning new technologies and creating new features – dreaming up new ideas is a lot of fun.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

Keeping up with web development technology churn –  things change faster and faster,  the tools, frameworks and stacks turn over rapidly.

Favorite memory at Entrinsik?

The first time we gave a demo of Informer version 4 to beta customers – it was such a big leap from where we had been and customers’ reactions were pretty extreme – everyone was super excited about it.

If you weren’t working at Entrinsik, what would you be doing?

I’d probably would be working for another tech company, maybe a web app start-up

What do you do in your free time? 

I spend most of my free time with my family – I have a 5 yr old son, Hank, and my wife and I do a lot of things with him. Otherwise, I play guitar, shoot pool, and have gotten back into cycling.

Favorite band, movie, or book?

I like classic blues and folk music, Lonnie Johnson is one of my favorites.

Any other random facts you want to share?

I have quite a passion for guitars. I actually built one myself for my son during my wife’s pregnancy that will be his when he’s old enough. I own seven guitars at the moment – 4 electric, 2 acoustic, and one bass.

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