Live Webinar Introducing Informer Dashboards

Posted on May 29th 2012

Join us for a LIVE Webinar on June 12th “Introducing Informer Dashboards.”  With a powerful, unique, 100% Java-driven architecture and browser-based interface, the NEW Informer Dashboards delivers operational business intelligence easier and faster than ever before.

Informer Reports and Dashboards can be implemented in hours, enabling business users to instantly create and share personalized reports and dashboards while providing administrators with a flexible, extensible, lightweight operational BI platform.

► Access data from multiple sources, including data warehouses, cubes, Informer reports, Google Docs, and more.

► Develop dashboards using a single web-based interface by dragging and dropping.

► Incorporate runtime variables allowing business users to specify filter parameters and underlying KPIs on the fly.

► Update dashboard widgets with real-time data according to your refresh schedule.

► View multiple reports and visualizations on one screen to provide context for the data displayed.

► Drill down into dashboard details to answer specific questions.

► Access a library of widgets for immediate data summarization and visualization.

Register today to discover the power and simplicity of Informer Dashboards for yourself!

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