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Posted on December 12th 2014


I was a typical teenager when it came to my bedroom.  It resembled this photo:


My mother couldn’t stand it, but I called it my random access filing system.  I knew where everything was…well, almost. Unfortunately, our Informer documentation process used a similar filing system in the past.  Documents, videos and other customer resources were housed in multiple locations, making it necessary to create a single point of access to make finding resources easier for our customers. Enter Zendesk™.

A few years ago, we implemented Zendesk™, an online helpdesk and customer service system, to assist in managing our support cases.  Whenever customers submitted anything to our support email address, a support ticket would be generated in the Zendesk system.  With this system in place we were finally able to view and analyze the types of issues users were finding in the software, as well as keep track of communication threads and solutions. This process helps us to continue evolving the software and prioritize new product features.

Another feature of Zendesk™ is a customizable “help center,” which we have recently implemented (You can access this customer-only site through our support page).  This was the answer to our needs!  Finally, a place where users can go to:

  • Log in and view the status of their own support cases

Informer Help Center my activities








  • Provide a single-point of access to documentation, videos, and support requests

Release Notes – Informer Help Center

submit request help center










  • Allow users to self-service their support issues by looking up answers in our knowledgebase.

how-tos help center











This is only the first version of the new help center.  We plan to evaluate how well it’s working throughout the next few months and determine if we need to make any adjustments or improvements.  We also plan to add new features in the future, like allowing your billing or technical contact to renew your Informer license online.

If you want to explore the new help center, browse on over tosupport sign in and follow the directions for registering your login credentials.

Now if only Zendesk™ could have helped me with my bedroom!


Happy reporting!

Tim Nicholson

Director of Informer Customer Service

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