Informer Updates: What’s new since v 4.4.0

Posted on November 6th 2014

Since our last big release in February, Informer version 4.4, we’ve released several smaller updates and are now on the current version of 4.4.3. Smaller releases like these usually contain minor feature enhancements and bug fixes to address customer requests until the next major release. You can always find available upgrade packages, download/installation instructions, feature lists and documentation on our support site, now the Informer “Help Center.” You can register your email and create a password here.

It’s important to upgrade! Keeping your Informer up to date with the latest release ensures you have access to the latest features and fixes. We are always working on improving our products, and integrate customer requests with internal priorities in current and future releases. Want to know what’s included in an upgrade release? We always publish feature lists/release notes with every release – you can find them in the Help Center. Keep in mind it’s always easier upgrading within major releases (ex: upgrading from v4.0 to v4.4 versus v3.2 to v4.4), so keep those systems updated!

Here are some highlights from our releases since version 4.4.0

  • One dropdown filtering multiple sets of data – You may now set up one run-time filter that can filter multiple data providers in a dashboard.
  • Burst emailing – You may now schedule one report, and as long as the report has email address in it, you can tell the schedule to group on unique email addresses and send portions of the data to each.
  • Export from Dashboard Drilldown – You may now export the data set generated from drilling into dashboard data to the common formats.
  • Dashboard Share button – Users may now share dashboards without having to have full control of them. A user with full control of a dashboard may grant “share” permission to it. Users with “share” permission have access to a new dialog that will enable them to “share” the dashboard with any user or group. “Share” means “grant view permission only”.
  • Dashboard Copy – You can now copy a dashboard, with the option of only copying the data providers.
  • Post Report Search – At the top of report results is a search bar that allows you to search for any text in the results. The filtered results may be exported.

And much, much more – See the full list by accessing the Help Center and navigating to Documentation – Release Notes, or just click here.

Have questions? You can always reach us by emailing

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