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Workflows in Informer 5: Zip2Geo and Google Maps

Chris Reeves

With Informer 5, transforming raw data into meaningful information is easier than it’s ever been. With new, easy Flow Steps, Informer guides you through data preparation, cleansing, and transforming, with a few simple clicks.

In this example, I’ll show you how easy it is to take a zip code from a Dataset and turn it into coordinates for Google Map rendering. **I work in the marketing department here at Entrinsik and completed this workflow in under 5 minutes – with zero technical training or database expertise!

Workflow: Turning a zip code into lat. and lon. coordinates

  1. Access a Dataset that includes address fields, specifically a zip/postal code.
  2. Click “Edit” within the Dataset
  3. On the left hand side, click the plus sign beside “Flow Steps” to add a new workflow, then select  “Add Field” and then “Zip2Geo.” See screenshot below:
  1. Name the new field whatever you like – it defaults to “Location.” Then select the Dataset field that contains the zip/postal code:
  1. Click “Done.” There should now be a new column in your Dataset – I kept mine labeled “Location.” Scroll over to locate this column, and if it does not include lat. & lon. numbers, you’ll need to configure the field. Just click the arrow beside the column name, then select “Change data type” and choose “Location.”

  1. Now just click “Run” and “Save,” in whatever order, and that’s it! If you already have a Google map created, just reconfigure it to use the new Location field, or use Informer’s Discover feature to create it for you.

  1. And of course you can configure the map to show different markers or zoom to a specific area. Don’t forget to click the Save icon if you want to keep it for later.
  2. Important Note: Because it’s using zip codes, these locations are approximate, not exact. To see the exact location/underlying data of a Location marker, zoom in on the map and click on a marker, then “View details.”

Then you can see the entire entry:

That’s it! A quick and easy Workflow that transforms data for use in an interactive Google Map visual. Want to see what other great things Informer 5 can do? Schedule a live demo by emailing or calling 888-703-0016.

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