The Informer Winter 2021 Issue

Informer in the Barc Bi Survey

Entrinsik is excited to announce Informer’s standout performance in the BARC BI & Analytics Survey 22. This is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users, based on feedback from a diverse group of 2,400+ where 36 crucially important criteria (KPIs) were evaluated for 30 products.

Informer Embedded


Embedded reporting and analytics functionality is now officially branded as Informer Embedded. The platform is expanding the way that developers can implement analytics and visuals into their products while providing a faster path to market. This rebrand is a commitment to solidifying Entrinsik’s stance, offering, and direction in the market.

Optimizing Brewery Businesses

Brewing has become one of the most competitive industries in the world. Efficient information management, including utilizing key performance indicators (KPIs), can be the difference between record profits and struggling to make payroll.

Featured Trade Show

In late October, the Informer and Enrole teams exhibited at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, held this year in Philadelphia. This is the premier higher education IT event where innovative trends and technology solutions are discussed amongst industry professionals. Informer and Enrole are used by hundreds of colleges and universities for tasks such as data reporting and registration management.

What’s Embedded Analytics

An embedded analytics platform is software seamlessly integrated into your application providing both developers and end users real-time ad hoc reporting, visualization, data preparation, pixel-perfect templating, dashboarding, and other analytics functionality.

The More You Know

Informer isn’t the only shining star at Entrinsik! Enrole SaaS registration management software is a fully loaded suite of functionality emphasizing scalability, flexibility, and reliability for Continuing Professional Education. Enrole is implemented with the student shopping site, instructor portal for recording attendance, corporate portal for custom trainings, automated correspondences, administration panel, and powerful reporting included at an incredibly competitive and transparent price. Simplified self-enrollment on the student portal enables an immediate start to learning on integrated LMS platforms. Easy to use. Easy to implement. Easy for everyone.

Using Informer For Aged Recievables

Cash inflows are the fuel that keeps businesses running. Revenue generation would be much easier if all customers paid on their agreed period. Customers miss payments for a variety of reasons, but proper identification and processing can speed the collection of receivables and improve cash flow forecasting. An Aged Receivables report details all receivables due from customers with the duration that they have been outstanding. Would an Aged Receivables report assist your organization with collecting overdue funds?

Featured Case Studies