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Using Informer for Aged Receivables

Robin Lamb, Director of Informer Client Services, discusses helpful tips on using Informer to achieve aged receivable reports.

Cash inflows are the fuel that keeps businesses running. Revenue generation would be much easier if all customers paid on their agreed period. Customers miss payments for a variety of reasons, but proper identification and processing can speed the collection of receivables and improve cash flow forecasting. An Aged Receivables report details all receivables due from customers with the duration that they have been outstanding. Would an Aged Receivables report assist your organization with collecting overdue funds?

Here’s the process we used in assisting one of our clients who use Vertafore’s Sagitta agency management software to create a dynamic Aged Receivables report in Informer. To build this report, we can use Flow Steps to quickly create buckets for the overdue receivables. Add the database fields that you need to the Dataset, and then create the Flow Steps by following the steps below.

Flow Steps:

1) Create a calculated column to sum a multi-value field using Lodash.

2) Create a calculated column called Today to bring back today’s date.

3) Create a Time Between Flow Step.

4) Generate a Power Script to create Current Balance, 30-60 Day Balance, 60-90 Day Balance, Over 90 Day Balance.

See Example of Dataset below:

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