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Let Our Informer Services Team Come to You!

Several times a year, Entrinsik travels to a hosting customer site to offer specialized training courses.

Roadshow events typically span two to three days. Each hands-on event is designed for Informer end users, power users, and admins who want to expand their technical knowledge of Informer in order to best leverage their organizational investment. The events are made up of separate one-day classes, making it convenient to choose the content that is most relevant.

Roadshows are held in cooperation with Entrinsik’s customers. The partnership provides complementary training for their staff, while Entrinsik gains regional venues for its road show. While the sites are that of customers, the training is based on generic Informer with generic data and is applicable to a broad range of users.

Interested In Hosting an Informer Roadshow?

Upcoming Roadshows

We're currently planning to bring Roadshows back in 2024!