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Informer 5 Online Training

Entrinsik has launched a comprehensive online training program for Informer 5. Whether you are brand new to Informer 5 or want to become an advanced power user, these classes are for you. 

Our Classes

Classes are designed to accelerate Informer skill building on a variety of topics including security setup to designing queries, reports, and visuals, and interacting with the results. Each class includes a comprehensive agenda, manual, and certificate of completion.

Understanding User Security

Participants will learn the intricacies of Informer 5 security and data governance. Learn the best practices of setting up security and understanding the difference between owning and sharing content. The focus will be on setting up Teams, Users, Role Permissions, Mapping Sets, sharing Datasources, and Datasets. This class is geared toward Informer Administrators.

Designing Queries & Reports

Participants will learn how to design queries, including adding fields, criteria, and Flow Steps to create a Dataset or Ad hoc Query. Participants will learn how to use Discover to create simple Visuals as well as how to create Jobs to refresh Datasets and share content. This class is strictly for creating queries and reports.

Interacting With Query Results

Participants will learn how to interact with data, once access to the query and/or reports has been granted. This includes actions, filters, column formatting, visuals, and interacting with reports that have been shared with you (Dashboards, Comparison Boards, Data Views). Audience: Users who have Datasets and/or reports shared to them. This class is strictly for interacting with pre-built Datasets and Reports.

Configuring Visuals & Reports

Participants will learn how to build content from Datasets. This includes how to configure the different types of visuals available in Informer 5 and how to create Dashboards, Comparison Boards, and Data Views reports from the content in Datasets. Users will not be building Datasets in the class.

JavaScript for Calculated Fields

In this class users will learn the basics of JavaScript to extend their reporting capabilities by adding Calculated Fields and Power Scripts. Calculated Fields use query data, literal values, or other data to do calculations, but that is not all they do. This class will also help users understand how to write Calculated Fields using JavaScript.

Flow Steps & Power Scripts

In this class, students will learn how to use Flow Steps and create advanced Power Scripts. Flow Steps allow users to add new Fields and modify existing ones based on results from the Query or user input. Users will learn to create more advanced Power Scripts from what they learned in the JavaScript for Calculated Fields Class.

Administration & System Setup

In this two hour class, participants will have the chance to learn how to setup the administration capabilities of their Informer instance including Default Settings, Email setup, Domain Repository Setup, User fields, Codes, and much more. Prerequisites: Needs to have administrator or super-user access.

Building Web Queries

Participants will learn how to construct a call to a Web Datasource (for example a REST data provider) and interpret the response. Using JavaScript, learn to format the response into a table and call for additional pages of data. Prerequisites: Advanced Flow Steps (or solid understanding of JavaScript and JSON) and knowledge of a REST-like data provider.

Building Templates

In this class, participants will learn how to use the Templates feature in Informer 5. Templates allow participants to create custom forms to output data. Participants will learn how to use Nunjucks to inject data into their HTML file for customized data output. This is a higher-level technical class directed at power users of Informer 5. Prerequisites: Experience using HTML and CSS.

Our Team

Meet our esteemed team of instructors comprised of members from our Client Services department. Combined they bring over 40 years of Informer experience and love collaborating with our clients to create the perfect solution. Please email Client Services with any questions related to our online training program.

Robin Lamb
Vice President of Informer Client Services
Randall Williams
Informer Solutions Architect
Cameron Blashka
Director of Client Services Support
Kevin Houk
Implementation Specialist
Regina Lopez
Director of Customer Success
Steven Mckinny
Implementation Specialist
Jen Brechin
Customer Success Manager
Sarah Rodger
Implementation Specialist

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