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Informer Training Services

For modern employees, learning means more than simply reading a user guide and memorizing steps. Invest in your team and improve their ability to deliver on business objectives by building the right Informer skills.

Choose the right type of training to fit the needs of your institution. Our team of experts offer online training sessions via our Entrinsik University, personalized training to meet your specific needs, or join us live for one of our training events.

Creating Skilled Employees

Entrinsik University

The customer success team offers a comprehensive online training program for Informer 5. Whether you are brand new to Informer 5 or want to become an advanced power user, these classes are for you.

Personalized Training

Entrinsik offers various options for technical and end user training to help you get the most out of your investment in Informer. Whether you need to train new analysts or administrators who use or maintain the system or if you need to learn about the latest and greatest added capability, we have a flexible training model to customized to meet your needs and budget and ensure success with your Informer implementation.


For added convenience, we take our expertise on the road. Roadshow events typically span two to three days. Each hands-on event is designed for Informer administrators, power users, and IT staff who want to expand their technical knowledge of Informer in order to best leverage their organizational investment. These training courses create a collaborative environment with peers in the same industry to discuss ideas and problem solving.  These offerings include end-user and more advanced power user training agendas.

Finger Lakes Leverages Informer Training to Onboard New Department

Finger Lakes Community College wanted to expand the use of Informer to their Human Resources department. The Information technology leadership worked with the Informer Customer Success team to develop a personalized training plan to accelerate the onboarding of several beginner users.

The plan focused on equipping the team with the skills necessary to work within the Finger Lakes framework. Users were trained in navigating within Informer and modifying existing reports. The training empowered the Human Resource staff to create custom reports, independently generating solutions for their daily reporting needs.

  • Michelle Polowchak
    Chief Human Resource Officer
    Finger Lakes Community College

    Informer training is simple and straightforward, their step-by-step guidance has helped our team to utilize Informer to the fullest.

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