The Informer Summer 2023 Issue

Early Q3 Release for Informer 5.8

Informer 5.8 is set to revolutionize data-driven design with its powerful new features – Templates and Letterheads. Templates provide control and efficiency in creating custom outputs, enabling users to create pixel-perfect layouts via HTML, server-side rendering or WSYWIG rich editor. Letterheads enhances brand identity across the platform by enabling customization of layout options, headers, footers, and watermarks for exports, resulting in professional, polished documents. Stay tuned for its launch and be ready to tap into the creative possibilities it provides.

Entrinsik Appoints Madhavi W. Chandra as Chief Product Officer

Entrinsik recently promoted Madhavi W. Chandra to Chief Product Officer (CPO). Chandra will oversee the company’s product portfolio, collaborating on strategy with CEO Brad Leupen, and leading the product development team. Having been with Entrinsik for nearly a decade, she’s played key roles in launching pivotal products and building the successful Informer Advisory Council. Prior to Entrinsik, Chandra held leadership roles at various tech firms and has been an Adjunct Professor at North Carolina State University since 2013.

Join us at Entrinsicon 2023

Entrinsik is excited to announce the return of the in-person Entrinsicon 2023. The event provides a unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of Enrole and Informer users from around the world, learn about the latest trends, best practices, and advances in Entrinsik technology.  The conference will include half-day and multi-day preconference workshops led by Entrinsik experts, and the main conference will feature a variety of sessions designed for different roles and skill levels. Bringing your team? Contact us for a group discount code.

Upcoming Webinars

Gear up for three engaging webinars. On July 20th, join us for “Unlocking Your Full Potential with Informer Cloud” to dive deep into the possibilities of Informer in the cloud. On August 3rd, attend “Informer 5.8 Release Overview: Harness the Power of Creativity with Templates & Letterheads” where you can discover the new features of Informer 5.8, including powerful Templates for design control and efficiency, and the versatile Letterheads feature to enhance your brand identity. Then, on August 17th, explore the intricacies of Informer’s Templates feature in “Mastering Informer Templates: Design with Precision Using the WYSIWYG Editor“, where you’ll learn to optimize workflows, enhance business processes, and create stunning designs with ease. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to amplify your data-driven design capabilities with Informer 5.8.

A Single Source of Truth for Higher Education

Higher education institutions are addressing data fragmentation by creating a “single source of truth” (SSOT), a centralized data repository integrating various data sources. An SSOT ensures access to accurate, consistent, and timely information about institutional operations. Its creation involves defining data elements, establishing data governance, integrating data sources, implementing data quality controls, and building analytics capabilities. Despite the significant investment required, the benefits are substantial, including a comprehensive view of operations, better decision-making, reduced data errors, and support for data-driven initiatives. These advantages offer higher education institutions a competitive edge in today’s data-driven environment.

Online Training

Entrinsik offers a comprehensive online training program for Informer 5. Our online series covers the fundamentals as well as advanced-level topics. Classes are designed to accelerate Informer skill building on a variety of topics from security setup to designing queries, reports, and visuals, and interacting with the results. Each class includes a comprehensive agenda, manual, and certificate of completion. Check out our summer lineup!

Interacting with Query Results
June 28th | September 6th | November 29th
Understanding User Security
July 12th | September 13th | December 6th
Administration and System Setup
July 19th | September 20th
Building Web Queries
July 26th | October 4th
JavaScript for Calculated Fields
August 2nd | October 11th | December 13th

Advanced Flow Steps and Power Scripts
August 9th | October 18th | December 20th
Building Templates
August 23rd | November 8th
Designing Queries and Reports
August 16th | October 25th
Configuring Visuals and Reports
August 30th | November 15th

The Importance of Big Data for Agency Insurance

In the evolving insurance industry, data analytics has become crucial for competitiveness. It allows agencies to gain insights into customer behavior, market trends, and risk, leading to improved customer experience, more precise risk assessment, and cost reduction. It provides a competitive advantage by aiding decision-making in areas like product development, pricing, and marketing, and assists in fraud detection by identifying suspicious patterns in claims data. Embracing data analytics empowers insurance agencies to gain a competitive edge, enhance customer service, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. As data volume grows, analytics will be essential to stay competitive and meet customer expectations.

The More You Know

Informer isn’t the only shining star at Entrinsik! Enrole SaaS registration management software is a fully loaded suite of functionality emphasizing scalability, flexibility, and reliability for Continuing Professional Education. Enrole is implemented with the student shopping site, instructor portal for recording attendance, corporate portal for custom trainings, automated correspondences, administration panel, and powerful reporting included at an incredibly competitive and transparent price. Simplified self-enrollment on the student portal enables an immediate start to learning on integrated LMS platforms. Easy to use. Easy to implement. Easy for everyone.

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