The Informer Fall 2023 Issue

Trends in Title from TLTA 2023

Today’s title insurance industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Insights from the TLTA 2023 conference in San Antonio spotlight a shift from traditional methods to robust, technology-centric operations. The embrace of digitalization and automation is setting a faster, error-free pace for operations. Artificial Intelligence, coupled with Machine Learning, is spearheading precise data analysis, while cybersecurity initiatives ensure unparalleled safety of information. At the heart of these innovations lies a renewed commitment to enhanced customer experience, with intuitive platforms and real-time updates. As the industry propels forward with these technological strides, anticipate a title insurance experience that’s streamlined, secure, and exceptionally user-centric. 

Master User Security and System Setup with Informer Workshops!

Come join our upcoming Entrinsik University sessions: Understanding User Security on September 13th and Administration and System Setup on September 20th. These sessions are designed for IT teams and Informer Administrators. Learn how to control the content and data Users have access to and understand all the security and configuration options in the latest version, Informer 5.8. This is the best way to ensure that Informer aligns with your security policies. It’s also the perfect opportunity to set up a new instance of Informer for your Users, allowing them to hit the ground running after attending our User Conference, Entrinsicon, from September 26-29!

Join us at Entrinsicon 2023

Entrinsik is excited to announce the return of the in-person Entrinsicon 2023. The event provides a unique opportunity to connect with hundreds of Enrole and Informer users from around the world, learn about the latest trends, best practices, and advances in Entrinsik technology.  The conference will include half-day and multi-day preconference workshops led by Entrinsik experts, and the main conference will feature a variety of sessions designed for different roles and skill levels. Bringing your team? Contact us for a group discount code.

Catch Up On Our On-Demand Webinars! 🎥

Informer 5.8 Release Overview: Dive into the power of creativity with Templates & Letterheads. Explore unrivaled design control, pixel-perfect customization, and amplify your brand with the versatile Letterhead feature. 🖌️✨ 📺 Watch Now

Unlocking Your Full Potential with Informer Cloud: From scalability and expert management to unmatched security, unlock a world of possibilities with Informer Cloud. Understand how it adapts, protects, and empowers you on the go. ☁️🔐 📺 Watch Now

Data is Revolutionizing Insurance Agencies

The digital transformation of the insurance sector is unmistakable, with business intelligence and data analytics at the helm of innovation. These cutting-edge technologies empower agencies to decode vast data, revealing patterns that inform smarter decisions. While business intelligence provides a comprehensive view to facilitate decision-making, data analytics delves deep, spotlighting trends and correlations. The fusion of both offers insurance agencies a formidable arsenal to customize offerings, tailoring them to individual customer needs. Such personalization, backed by data, not only enhances customer experience but fosters loyalty. These tools refine risk assessments, ensuring prudent decision-making and fraud prevention. Through continuous internal operations’ scrutiny, agencies can elevate their efficiency, profitability, and responsiveness. 

Online Training

Entrinsik offers a comprehensive online training program for Informer 5. Our online series covers the fundamentals as well as advanced-level topics. Classes are designed to accelerate Informer skill building on a variety of topics from security setup to designing queries, reports, and visuals, and interacting with the results. Each class includes a comprehensive agenda, manual, and certificate of completion. Check out our Fall lineup!

Interacting with Query Results
September 6th | November 29th
Understanding User Security
September 13th | December 6th
Administration and System Setup
September 20th
Building Web Queries
October 4th
JavaScript for Calculated Fields
October 11th | December 13th

Improve Student Success with Optimized Curriculum

Navigating the dynamic realm of higher education demands more than intuition; it demands robust data-driven insights. Business Intelligence (BI) tools are reshaping how institutions align course offerings with student needs and market trends. By analyzing enrollment data, these tools spotlight popular courses, enabling institutions to efficiently allocate resources. BI helps decipher student feedback, ensuring courses are impactful and resonate with learners. As trends shift, be it through tech evolutions or societal changes, BI tools provide the foresight to adapt curricula swiftly, keeping institutions at the forefront of education. Embracing BI isn’t just a strategic move—it’s a commitment to delivering unparalleled educational experiences and molding future-ready graduates. Elevate education, one data point at a time.

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