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More than 1,500 organizations around the world use the Entrinsik Informer data analysis and agile BI platform across various industries including Insurance, Automobile Clubs, Construction, Global Distributors, Healthcare,Higher Education, Housing Authorities, Human Resources, Information Technology, Manufacturing & Distribution, Not-for-profit, Oil and Gas, Public Safety, Printing and Ticketing Systems and others.

Saint Michael’s College

Awesome! There are so many bells and whistles in Informer 5 I feel like a guy who has been driving a Ferrari for months and just realized it has heated seats!

Peter Cross

Atlantic Cape Community College

Informer is currently our reporting solution of choice to the near exclusion of any other tools, thus helping us reduce licensing costs and user training issues… we see Informer as being the primary front-end for reporting as it can access data across both relational and MultiValue databases.

Douglas Hedges

SMC Electric Supply

The security in Informer is very granular and it’s been great to be able to control access to everything down to the row level. We know exactly who has access to what data. I can send out or embed a dashboard for others to see but control at an admin level who can see and drill down into the data behind it.

Jesse Owsley

Texas Title

Numerous man hours were eliminated by the utilization of the software in terms of closings and revenue. We now know exactly what we are opening and what revenues our ancillary companies (tax and e-Recording) are generating as well on a daily auto-generated report.

The Sage Colleges

The Entrinsik support people are just top-notch. You can email them, call them, and they get right back to you.

Bill Pizer

Motorola Solutions

I find Informer a great product that will compliment any public safety agency by giving them the ability to create their own tactical reports with tools that are very user friendly. Informer saves time and resources by it’s rapid deployment capability to it’s ease of use. Informer is a product that immediately contributes to an organization after the 1st report is complete.

Joseph Riquelme

APT Solutions Limited

If you have a lot of information and want to be able to summarize perhaps graphically and still allow drill down this is great. Users are able to create reports for distribution where the consumers of those reports can add their own columns (or delete ones they do not need) without being able to change the core report itself. This saves hours of repeatedly writing specific reports for users who only want some columns changing. Integration to our own software platform for security purposes has allowed us to have multi-level data security applied automatically.

Stuart Shepherd

Carson-Newman College

Informer has been the best investment we’ve made since we converted our administrative software to a UniData platform. With its easy, web-based, real-time, point and click interface, Informer delivers a powerful reporting solution that is affordable and would be almost impossible to be without now.

Kevin Houk

J.W. Terrill

Informer provided auto-scheduling features, auto-distribution via email and Live Excel option for our management team to self-serve on some of our routine report requests.

Kathi Ryan