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The Informer Summer 2022 Issue

Easily Migrate to Informer 5 With These Best Practices

We understand that migrating from Informer 4 to Informer 5 can seem like an overwhelming task, but rest assured it is easier than you may think. Whether you are delaying the move due to a lack of migration and IT resources, the thought of transitioning reports, or other projects, we are here to help facilitate the migration with some best practices and migration resources. Informer 5 is well worth the migration, enabling you to leverage your data in new and modern ways.

Robin Lamb Promoted to VP of Client Services

Entrinsik is proud to announce that our own Robin Lamb will be the new VP of Client Services for Informer. Robin has been a key contributor for over 10 years at Entrinsik during which she led the growth and development of a client services team that was recently recognized as top rated for vendor support in the world’s largest BI survey.

Northwest Title Improves Customer Success Through Dashboards

Jonathan Holfinger has built Northwest Title on a commitment to providing the best customer service, but manual reporting was too time-consuming to hold the company accountable to their customer service goals. With Informer, they were able to create visualizations that improved their employees’ understanding of the data and for the first time truly track performance of their stated standards.

Featured Trade Show

Entrinsik is excited to return to the North Carolina IIPS Summer Conference from July 18-20th in Charlotte. This conference is held for the Institutional Information Processing System Users Group. We will be giving a presentation – Informer 5.5 from the User Perspective. Attendees can expect to learn what users will experience when moving from Informer 4 to Informer 5. We always look forward to spending time with our North Carolina Community Colleges.

Craft Brewers Conference 2022 – Key Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Craft Brewers Conference 2022 has come to a close, and while many of us participated last year in Denver, the pre-pandemic energy and excitement truly returned this year in Minneapolis. But more than ever before, the prevailing theme of the conference was how brewers can master their supply chains to run more efficiently.

Online Training

Entrinsik has a comprehensive online training program for Informer 5. Whether you are brand new to Informer 5 or want to become an advanced power user, these classes are for you. Check out our Summer lineup!

Creating a Single Source of Truth for Higher Education

There are stories that we are told time and time again by colleges and universities regarding reporting and data analysis. One common comment we often hear is how difficult it can be to connect disparate data to see the bigger picture. For example, you could be interested in evaluating general student success, but grades over the course of the semester are in an LMS while student information is on-premises. You may find yourself asking how to pull all that information together into one comprehensive report.

Featured Case Studies