The Informer Summer 2021 Issue

Full Sail Partners Utilizes Informer 5.4’s Templated Output

With Informer Templates, Full Sail Partners can rerun data as many times as they need on an ad hoc basis to include all necessary information within the template. For every single agreement, Full Sail is saving about 20 minutes, adding up to a significant amount of time saved. Full Sail has future-proofed their forms with Informer by using its ability to populate dynamic fields directly from the database.

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New Feature: Web Datasource

The Web Datasource driver, an experimental feature in 5.4, connects Informer to web-based tools opening the door to many different types of datasources. The driver enables Informer to connect to a REST endpoint to retrieve data.

Informer 5.4 Available

The Informer Development Team announces the general availability of Informer 5.4, which unlocks a new security module that will foster better and more secure sharing of data throughout the organization.

Data Governance: Using Field Security

The key to reporting and extracting insights from data is being able to trust the data and its dissemination. It boils down to the essential aspects of Data Governance – the ability to access and consume data reliably while meeting the competing demands between IT security and business users.

Online Training Offer

For a limited time, we are offering the entire track of these courses customized for your organization (up to 20 people). With 20 hours of dedicated training and consulting at $5,000, these courses will empower your staff to become experts on Informer 5.

Managing Big Data With Informer

When data is abundant, finding actionable insights can be like finding a needle in a haystack. The key to extracting insights from big data is preparing the Dataset in a meaningful manner, and then being able to interact with it efficiently. If it is cumbersome or time-consuming to obtain results, it quickly diminishes the value of the Dataset.

The More You Know

Have you ever wanted to eliminate rows from your Dataset based on a Calculated Field? There are two ways to do this: Post Query Filters or using a Power Script to omit records from the data. Filters are useful when you are looking to slice and dice the data in several different ways without eliminating the records altogether. The Power Script option allows you to eliminate those records before displaying the data which is helpful to automate results without having to manually apply the filters.

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