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Spring Cleaning: Informer 4

Robin Lamb, Director of Informer Client Services, shares invaluable tips on Informer 4 maintenance and clean up.

Winter has ended and it is time for some spring cleaning. We all know that the value you can drive from reporting is a direct result of the quality of the data. So, in addition to the tiding up around the office or home, lets also take a few minutes to tidy up Informer with these three easy steps.

Link Audit for mismatched Field Types in U2 Datasources

Mismatched field types can create numerous problems within Informer including data holes and reporting errors.  This simple report can identify and fix all mismatched fields within your Informer instance to assist with a clean mapping migration.

Clean up to prepare for Informer 5 migration.

Spring is also a great time to migrate and unlock the performance of Informer 5.
In order to make sure you are ready for the move we have developed a couple of reports that will automate your preparation.

Link Audit Report – Use this report to help diagnose problems with migrating to Informer 5. It will diagnose which links need to be fixed before the migration.

Audit Reports – These 4 reports will help you analyze which reports use calculated expressions, aggregate columns, aggregate or sub select conditions in the reports. Some of the features will not translate into Informer 5 in the same format. You may need to tweak the reports once they are imported into Informer 5. Running these reports will identify possible issues and help you plan your migration.

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